Aim of B.A. (Hons) Economics programme is to equip students with firm foundation of knowledge in advanced Macro and Micro Economics theory, Research Methodology, Development and Growth Economics, Econometric Models, Mathematical Economics and many more. The programme equips students with analytical, research and decision making skills besides developing national and international perspective. These skills set are much valued by employers and hence graduates of economics play a vital role in organizations. We produce students who are ready for opportunities in the market, be it Corporate Sector, Public Sector, Non-Governmental/ Social Sector or have a desire to pursue higher studies in Economics or related disciplines.



  • To promote excellence in economics education through provision of appropriate and innovative curriculum, building up of behavioral & technical competencies and sensitization of students towards global, socio-economic and political issues.
  • To lay foundation for students to undertake successful ventures of pursuing higher studies, undertaking economics research and establishing themselves as competent economists.
  • To provide to the nation and the world the required human capital for its sustainable development.
  • To imbibe in learners the ethics and positive attitudes to utilize their analytical minds and abilities towards making meaningful contributions to the society.


  • Facilitate Vocation Analysis.
  • Assists in Exposure to authentic working Environment by internship programs.
  • Providing a prospect to interrelate with industry personnel.
  • Revelation to Industrial Environment & Work Culture.
  • Help in Developing Soft Skills in the Students.
  • Help in overall Career Development.
  • Facilitate in providing Opportunities to develop career in Industry.
  • Hand out as a Launch Pad to the Students
  • Facilitate providing Exposure of Industrial Environment, Economic Models, Quantitative Analysis, and Latest Software Applications through Apprentice Training and Visits in different fields.
  • Maintaining good and healthy relations with Industries.
  • To maintain and add updated information regarding latest requirements in the industries in our curriculum.

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