Highlights of B.Tech in ECE with specialization in Internet of Things

Internet of Things is among the newest innovations in the field of information technology. It is the network of physical devices, home appliances, vehicles and other items embedded with electronics, software, actuators, sensors connected through network which enable these objects to connect and exchange data. It is set to create a huge wave in the common man’s life and change the way we receive information.

Internet of Things specialization is designed to deliver the key aspect of technologies that collectively lead to this new concept. It allows students to explore the enabling technologies such as microcontrollers, instrumentation, sensors and wireless networks. Leading business organizations have started focusing on the opportunities thrown up by Internet of Things like smart cities; therefore, companies are in search of professionals who have strong foundational knowledge in the concepts of Internet of Things. Students with B.Tech. (ECE) with specialization in Internet of Things will get to know the benefits of a connected world and smart cities.

Learning Outcomes of this Track:

  • Interpret unique ways of communication between the human world and physical devices.
  • Apply practical knowledge on IoT sensors, microcontrollers, networks, cloud computing and machine learning to develop IoT systems.
  • Develop latest web application and programming skills including python and applications in machine learning and AI.
  • Employ both electronics and computer science engineering technologies with focus on both hardware and software.
  • Analyze and interpret the future trends associated with IoT devices and its various components.
  • Design real life projects like home automation, smart parking etc. where information can be extracted from devices and used for enhancement of the techniques used in the business.
  • Use several tools and techniques that tackle real-world problems and generate suitable solutions.

Career Options:

IoT Data analytics

IoT Hardware engineer

Embedded Programs Engineer

IoT Architect

IoT Developer

Network Engineer

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