Embedded and VLSI Industry are the future of Indian and Global Electronics and Computer industry. This world of electronics and computer engineers has tremendous growth opportunities in various sectors as, Domestic Electronics, Medical Science, Automobile, Aircraft, Mobile, Computing, IoT, Entertainment, Banking, Robotics, and many more. The demand for the Embedded and VLSI design engineers is quite high in India to develop Systems, Software, Hardware-Software Co-design Models, SoC, ASIC, Standard Cells, and VerificationThis course aims to prepare students to be industry ready for Embedded Systems and Semiconductors Industry segment for the PAN India and Global market. Also, since India is running short in skilled workforce in Embedded Systems and VLSI Design, this course of BTech in ECE with Specialization in Embedded Systems and VLSI Design shall create skilled and productive engineers for these industries in order to fulfill the skills shortage gaps.

Learning Outcomes of this Track:

 Develop the concepts of automation during the design cycle phase by compiling on Linux OS and using Scripting Languages.

  • Analyze and implement the fundamental concepts of designing of Digital and Analog circuits and systems using CMOS devices and standard cells.
  • Apply the CMOS designrules, static and dynamic logic structures, interconnect analysis, CMOS chip layout, simulation, verification, testing, and low power techniques in the VLSI system and sub-system design.
  • Plan, create and implement the hardware, software, Co-design design test models at the complex embedded systems in our day to day life.
  • Evaluate, describe, validate and optimize embeddedelectronic systemsin different areas of industrial application such as automobile, aircraft, house-hold, communications, robotics, etc.
  • Use the embedded and VLSI tools and technologies to meet the real world challenges and propose suitable solution for them.

Career Options:

  • RTL Design Engineer
  • Verification Engineer
  • Synthesis Engineer
  • Software Testing
  • DFT Engineer
  • Product & Validation Engineer
  • FPGA Engineer
  • Physical Design Engineer
  • Layout Design Engineer
  • Analog Design Engineer
  • SoC Design Engineer
  • EDA Development
  • Firmware Developer Engineer-WLAN/CAN/RTOS/FPGA
  • Microcontroller/Device Driver Engineer
  • System Architecture Engineer
  • Android Middleware Validation Engineer
  • Software & Automotive Engineers
  • Hardware Design Engineer
  • System Testing Engineer

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