“Through 2020, integration work will account for 50% of the time and cost of building a digital platform” as said Massimo Pezzini, research Vice President and Gartner fellow, clearly signifies that there is undergoing a digital transformation with attention on the sleek new looks, improved efficiency and higher speeds.

B-Tech ECE with Embedded systems & VLSI Design specialization offers students with theory and practice to enable themfor designing and developing IC-based systems(Application Specific Integrated Circuits).The curriculum lays the foundation of VLSI Design fundamentals along with various computer aided design (CAD) tools and methodologies. It also provides the students a broad base and understanding about the semiconductor industry, enabling them lucrative opportunities in future endeavours

Market Trends of Embedded System & VLSI Design:

  • The global semiconductor market will be $655.6B in 2025 compared to $342.7B in 2015 with CAGR of 6.7%. (White paper IBS)
  • The forecast for revenue by global semiconductor industry will be $415.4B by the end of 2020. (Gartner)
  • Make in India’ campaign to promote domestic manufacturing, on the way to setup two fabrication facilities in Gujarat and Utter Pradesh, that gives great thrust to VLSI industry.
  • The Indian semiconductor and embedded design industry is expected to earn revenues of $114.2B in 2025 compared to $27.6B in 2015, with a CAGR of 15.3% (India Semiconductor Association (ISA))

Unique Selling Points of the Specialization:

  • Industry-oriented curriculum which enables the students prepare for technical careers to design, develop and prototype VLSI systems(both Front end & Back end designs), apply verification methods, design-for-test techniques to IC designs for testable designs and high yield, low power design techniques, mixed mode design methodologies and use hardware description languages to design cores and standalone logic.
  • Provides a sound understanding of Embedded system and VLSI methodology to implement various models for gates and synthesize their physical layouts as well as how to validate complex hardware.
  • Focus on the development of hands-on skills in designing semiconductor devices and circuits, architecting systems using embedded components such as CPU, memory and peripherals.
  • Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Embedded systems concepts to facilitate for smarter decision making.
  • Offers strong knowledge in the Embedded system design covering thrust areas, such as, Advanced Embedded Microcontrollers, Real Time Embedded Systems, Advanced Embedded System Design and System On Chip.
  • Industry aligned curriculum, designed by Industry Experts
  • Well-trained and qualified faculty
  • Project Guidance & Mentoring by Industry Experts
  • Blended Learning 24 * 7
  • Well Equipped Labs for hands on learning
  • Holistic PedagogyEmphasis on development of additional skills with strong emphasis on:
    • Communication & soft skill modules
    • Compulsory Foreign Language course
    • Large number of open electives with interdisciplinary learning
    • Flexibility in curriculum to choose electives
    • Exposure through Fine Arts and Liberal Study courses for creative thinking

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