BSc Mathematics with specialization in Data Science program at The NorthCap University provides an in-depth understanding of data sciences and the techniques for analysis of quantitative and qualitative data to arrive at solutions. In India, more and more businesses are shifting focus and resources to big data and digital products. Leaders across BFSI, manufacturing, media and entertainment, professional services, retail and consumer products, technology-software are looking at technology to drive scale, efficiency and growth. Machine Learning Engineers and Data Scientists find themselves in massive demand. BSc Mathematics with specialization in Data Sciences is a comprehensive programme that has been designed after extensive feedback from the academicians and industry people. The NorthCap University is stepping towards inculcating the required skills in students to be the future Data Scientist, Data Engineer or Business Analyst.


Career Opportunities

After completion of the course the data science graduates will be able to identify patterns, predict trends and analyze data and will become successful professionals in various sectors such as banking, Pharmaceutical companies, insurance, retail, transport, industries, healthcare, etc. Students will be able to provide organizations a powerful source of insight as they plan the future of their workforce. The graduates will have career opportunities in Machine Learning, Application Development Analyst, Back End Developer, Full Stack Engineer, Data Scientist, Customer Success Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist, Big Data Developer, Sales Recruiter, Python Developer


Highlights of the Specialization Track

  • Highly experienced and Research oriented Faculty, all holding Ph.D. degrees (mostly from IITs, NITs and Central Universities).
  • Industry-oriented curriculum which enables the students to preparefor technical careers in developing applications and providing help in decision-making processes to the business with a focus towards applying machine learning knowledge for the business profits.
  • Provides a sound understanding of skills, tools and technologies like Python needed to successfully perform statistical modelling, data wrangling, analyzing and data visualization.
  • Machine learning techniques to automatically find the valuable underlying patterns and predict future events and perform all kinds of complex decision making.
  • Hands on Big Data Technology through Cloud platform helps in taking better business decisions as well as the future steps to enhance organizations productivity.
  • Project Guidance and Mentoring by Industry Experts
  • Active participation of faculty and students in competitions
  • Well Equipped Labs for hands on learning


Programs Educational Objectives (PEO’s)

The Programs Educational Objectives (PEO’s) of BSc Mathematics with specialization in Data Science are;

  1. To equip students with knowledge, abilities and insight in mathematics and related fields.
  2. To develop the ability of students to utilize the mathematical problem solving methods such as analysis, modelling, programming and mathematical software applications in addressing the practical and heuristic issues.
  3. To develop the skill of graduates to write entrance exam conducted by IIT’s/Universities to pursue PG and Integrated PhD and to gleam as great Mathematicians.
  4. To develop the confidence of graduates to appear for SSC, IBPS, RRB and Civil services exam and to occupy higher posts at administrative level.
  5. To equip the students with latest technology and techniques in Data Science like Python, Machine learning, Big Data Technology etc.
  6. To enable graduates to choose their course as a training ground to develop their positive attitude and skills which will enable them to become a multi facet personality shining in any chosen field.


Learning outcomes of BSc Mathematics with specialization in Data Science track: 

After graduating, the students will be able to;

  1. Have a systematic understanding of the concepts and theories of mathematics and computing their applications in the real world.
  2.  Identify and assess the needs of an organization for a data science task.
  3.  Select, apply, and evaluate models to devise solutions to data science tasks.
  4.  To utilize statistical methods in the data driven decision making processes and maintain predictive models.
  5.  Value and shelter the ethical use of data in all domains of their profession.
  6.  Transform findings from data resources into actionable business strategies.
  7. Identify and appraise the leadership and management skills required to direct a team of data science professionals toward meeting organizational goals
  8. Enhance their Logical reasoning skills, arithmetic skills, aptitude skills, communication skills, for better employability.


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