Mr. Anmol Bhatia

Assistant Professor (Sr. Scale)

M.Tech (MDU,Rohtak)

Mr Anmol Bhatia is currently an Assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, The NorthCap University. He is pursuing Ph.D. in the field of welding technology from Delhi Technological University, Delhi. His research interests focus on Process optimization for machining of difficult to machine materials. He holds a Masters degree in Manufacturing technology & Automation with a title of batch topper to his credit. He has been into teaching for more than seven years. He has been involved in teaching various courses at UG and PG level. He has taught the courses like Computer Aided Design, Industrial Engineering, Operations Research, Production Engineering, Welding Technology, Mechanical Vibrations, Modern manufacturing processes, Material Science, Basics of Mechanical Engineering etc. He has published numerous research papers nationally & internationally. He has also authored a book on Industrial Engineering & Operations Management which is followed at a national level in several Universities and institutes. He has also qualified Gate Examination with an All India Rank of 315. He is a life member of Indian society of technical Education, Delhi.

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