Dr. Pramod Bhatia


PhD (Purdue University, USA)
M.S. (University of illinios, USA)
BTech (IIT-Delhi)

Dr Pramod Bhatia, who has completed his PhD (in Mechanical Engineering) from Purdue University, USA; Master’s from University of illinois, USA and BTech from IIT Delhi, is currently working as Professor and Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering for last nine years. Prior to joining NCU, he worked as a consultant for two years in USA. His areas of specialization are Computational Fluid Dynamics and Combustion. Apart from his administrative and research responsibilities, Dr Bhatia is actively involved in teaching Combustion and Flames, Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Machines, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Introduction to Mechanical and Production Engineering, Basics of Mechanical Engineering and Thermodynamics. He has 20 journal publications, 12 conference publications and one book to his credit. He is currently guiding two PhD scholars.

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