Dr. Pramod Bhatia

Professor & HOD

“Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it.” These lines by Henry Royce best describe the strategy and practices that the Department of Mechanical Engineering follows to be a preferred destination for students, researchers, teachers and external stakeholders. Accordingly, our primary focus is on providing quality education, nurturing innovative thinking and promoting a socially relevant research environment in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

NCU’s Mechanical Engineering graduates get high end placement offers in reputed companies as we skill them to take off running from day one. We have a relevant and industry-ready curricula with the flexibility of choosing courses from a large number of departmental and interdepartmental electives, which provide our students with the option of choosing their subject of interest and specialization. We maintain a high level of industry-academia collaboration through a wide range of activities including industry associated projects, internships, industrial visits, expert lectures, workshops and conferences. We are committed to offering our students a platform to develop and hone their skills and be ready to face market challenges when they graduate and, therefore, offer industry relevant programmes with updated syllabi, laboratory and computational facilities.

There is significant growth potential in this sector as the Government’s policies focus on making India a global manufacturing hub. Hence, the demand for quality Mechanical engineers in the manufacturing sector and in many other areas would continue to remain high and companies will continue to look for Mechanical engineers who are specialists in cutting edge technology, empowered with greater analytical and technical skills. With the aim of producing well-renowned graduates, the Mechanical Engineering curriculum maintains balance between a strong theoretical foundation and its practical applications, and technical knowledge and complementary studies.

In addition to a sound knowledge of applied sciences and technology, our students learn to work as a member of a team and become well-equipped and talented graduates with the right attitude. For leadership positions in the manufacturing, design, industrial, automobile, refrigeration and many other industries we also prepare our mechanical engineers with good oral and written communication skills so that they can present their ideas in a logical and structured manner. Emphasis is on holistic development through participation in co-curricular and activities of professional societies.