ENT Quiz 2019

The Minerva Quizzing Society of NCU organized the Ent Quiz on 28 Feb 2019 in which students from BTech, SOL and BSc participated. The objective of the quiz was to provide the participants with exposure to trivia quizzes, the competitive spirit of such quizzes and to allow them to show off their quizzing skills.

The Preliminary Round was a written round in which  top six teams from the prelims moved to the final stage. As the quiz progressed and reached the Topic-based round, teams were eliminated and the final six teams played the last round. There were questions on music, TV series, books and movies from both classical and modernist eras which were very well received by the audience as well. Three teams who won the final round were awarded with the certificates and gift coupons. The event was coordinated by Dr Anshu Malhotra and Dr Kalika Srivastava. 

  • Team 1: Rajan Sharma (18CSU165), Rishabh(18CSU171)
  • Team 2: AkashShukla(18CSU012), AryanSharma(18CSU037)
  • Team 3: Shaurya Dahiya(17CSU174), Sahil Khurana (17csu170)

Science and General Awareness Quiz

Hours of knowledge with a blink of enthusiasm, the OSA Chapter and the Quizzing Society of at The Northcap University conducted a quiz titled ‘Science and General Awareness’ on 5 March 2019. A count of 250 students participated in pairs in which six teams cleared the second round. The winner of the quiz was the team of Tarun Kumar and Shreyansh. The 1st runner up were, Akshay Makkar & Arpit Sharma and the 2nd  runner up were Aayush Aggarwal and Abhinav Mangla.

MathJests Quiz Competition

Mathemactive Society of NCU organized a multi round aptitude as well as math quiz named MathJests competition for all the students of B.Tech, BSc (H) Maths, BSc (H) Physics, MSc Maths and BBA on 11th MARCH, 2019 and 13TH MARCH, 2019 in the Seminar Hall. The first round was held on 11th March, second and third round were held on 13th March. The event was a multilevel quiz cum game based on mathematics and mental ability. The participants were judged on the basis of their skill and their ability to cope up with time. The first round was “NUMBER SULTAN’S” quiz based on basic aptitude and reasoning questions with a limited time of 20 minutes. Around 90 students participated in the event out of which 25 students qualified for the second round.  The second round was “MAGIC STAR” in which students have to solve questions given to them in the form of a star. The round was appreciated by all. Only 8 students qualified the second round.The third round was “THE MAZE” quiz based on the puzzle. The winners of the competition were given trophies and certificates Aitereya BSc (H) Maths (1st)(18BSM001) , Soham Dahiya B. Tech (2nd)(17CSU192) and Hiten Yadav(3rd)(17CSU082). Participation certificates were given to all. The tropies were given to all coordinators of the society for the session 2018-19. The whole event was coordinated by Dr. Anshu and Prof. Kalika Srivastava.

Health check- up camp at NCU

In continuation to our commitment to promote a ‘Disease Free’ society, The NorthCap University held a preventive health check-up camp ‘Nivaran’ on 12 Feb 2019 at the University campus. It was a diagnostic campaign to make people aware about their role in the prevention of several diseases and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The screening/diagnostic campaign was conducted in association with Vijaya Diagnostic Centre, Gurugram, bringing specialized investigations at preferred rates such as Bone Mineral Density scanning, Inbody 270 and some at no cost such as Tanita Machine examination, Blood Glucose, Body Saturation Monitor etc.

More than 100 students, faculty and staff members benefited from the camp which was coordinated by Dr Shilpy Wadhwa, Medical Consultant, NCU.

Workshop on ‘Introduction to Juvenile Justice Act: Law and Principles’

School of Law organized a workshop on “Introduction to Juvenile Justice Act: Law and Principles” in association with Bachpan Bachao Andolan and LatestLaws.com on 7 Feb 2019. The Workshop was conducted by Mrs Jyoti Mathur, Director-Training, Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation, and Ms Chhaya Khosla, Advocate, LatestLaws.com. Mrs Mathur deliberated on the principles of juvenile justice and critically analysed the procedure laid down in the recently enacted Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) of Children Act, 2015 to deal with juveniles in conflict with law.
Ms Chhaya Khosla, a member of LatestLaws.com and former Panel Advocate of Delhi Legal Services Authority shared some of her experiences and challenges of dealing with delinquent juveniles who are produced before the Juvenile Justice Board. The workshop was coordinated by Ms Unanza Gulzar and Ms Archana Sarma.


Inauguration of NCU Bridge Club

The game of Bridge is recognized by the Government of India and the Association of Indian Universities. Bridge is considered as the king of mind sport. It The NCU Bridge Club was inaugurated by Shri Kawaljit Singh, Vice-President, Bridge Federation of India, on 6 Feb 2019 at the University. In his inaugural address,  Shri Kawaljit Singh  explained the salient features of the game and the Government’s interest in spreading the game among the students of Indian universities. He also added that it is a game for all age levels and it can improve various skills like basic maths, logical thinking, inferential and sequential reasoning, problem solving and decision making, especially among students.  He enlightened the audience about the Bridge Education Programmes initiated by the Bridge Federation of India. Earlier Col. Bikram Mohanty, Registrar, NCU, showed how philanthropists like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have been supporting the game globally and NCU students should take this opportunity to learn and excel in the game. Mr Diptendu Roy coordinated the event.

Workshop on Design of G+4 Building

IEI Student Chapter of Dept of Civil & Environmental Engineering organized a hands-on workshop on ‘Design of G+4 Building’ for BTech 3rd & 4th Year and MTech 1st Year students on 5 Feb 2019. Students were given a brief introduction to the product ‘Midas Gen’ and provided hands-on training on analysis of simple structures and portal frames. Analysis of a building as per IS 456, loading conditions as per IS 875-Part 3 (Wind Loads), IS 1893- Part 1(Wind Loads) were discussed and modelled in Midas Gen software. Application of loads, namely dead load and live load to the beams and columns, followed by the design of the multi-bay building model was performed. Section details of beams and columns were assessed as per the minimum requirements as per code. The session was a bridge between the classroom and real life problems faced in the analysis of a building. Mr Diptendu Roy, Faculty Advisor, IEI Student Chapter, coordinated the event.

An Expert talk on “Lasers ad Nonlinear Optics”

Dr Sunita Sharma organised an expert talk for B Tech, BSc, PhD students and faculty members by Dr Sib Krishna Ghoshal (Associate Professor of Physics at the Faculty of Science, University Technology Malaysia) on “Lasers: From Einstein’s Vision to Today’s Reality” and “Nonlinear Optical Phenomena: From Fundamentals to Applications”.

Dr. Ghoshal emphasised on giving clarity of basic concepts and its implications in research and industry. Dr Ghoshal also encouraged the students to have hands on experience on lasers and nonlinear optical materials by doing undergraduate and post-graduate  projects in these areas. It was quite an interactive session in which students also discussed about the latest research topics on lasers.

‘Mathagascar’ Quiz Competition organized at NCU

Mathemactive Society, NCU, organized a multiround aptitude and mental ability as well as math quiz named ‘Mathagascar’ for students of BTech, BSc (H), BSc Maths (H), Physics (H) and MSc Maths of which the first round was held on 28 Jan 2019 and second and third rounds were held on 4 Feb 2019. 143 students participated in the first round ‘Maniac of Numbers’ based on basic aptitude and reasoning questions with a limited time of 15 minutes out of which 32 students qualified for the second round. Nine students qualified the second round ‘Mathematrix’ in which students had to solve quantitative aptitude questions with negative marking. The third round comprised of a quiz based on Sudoku type puzzle ‘Do or Die’. Dr Ambika Devi (HoD, APS) gave trophies and certificates to the winners:-  1st: Manit Kakkar, 2nd: Shubham Kataria and 3rd Amit (BTech). Participation certificates were given to all. The event was coordinated by Dr Anshu Malhotra and Prof. Kalika Srivastava.

Lecture on Data Analysis by industry expert

A lecture on ‘Data Analysis’ was delivered by Ms Nishtha  Madaan, Senior Research Software Engineer, IBM India Research Lab, to BTech  3rd &4th Year, BSc Maths (H) and MSc Maths students, Dept of Applied Sciences on 4 Oct 2018. She explained Data analysis concepts like preprocessing on Excel files, identifying outliers using scatter plot and histograms. Ms Madaan highlighted feature selection methods and briefed about classification techniques used in Machine Learning (ML). She shared her experience of working with more than 15 students for doing projects on ML and motivated students to use Watson API’s for their project work. The lecture was organized by Dr Anshu Malhotra and Ms Shilpa Jain.