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B Tech Mechanical Engineering


“A mechanical engineer is able to do everything.”  

- Wounter Van Den Bosch


The demand for quality Mechanical engineers in the manufacturing sector would continue to remain high as there is significant growth potential in this sector. Globalization has brought rapid changes in the scenario of the Indian industry, where a company will be out of business if its machinery and manpower are not world class. Therefore, companies will be looking for Mechanical engineers like you who we specialize in the latest cutting edge technology and empower great analytical and technical skills.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering boasts of richly integrated curriculum of education and research for its students. The Department offers B Tech, M Tech and PhD program in Mechanical Engineering.

Our undergraduate programs combine a broad-based education in the engineering sciences with a strong grounding in quantitative, problem-solving, design, and communications skills. By emphasizing both analytical and creative methods, Mechanical Engineering department gives students the broad skills set they need to pursue their goals - whether that means working as an engineer, founding a company, continuing on to graduate study and research, or going to a professional school to study medicine, business, or law.

Students have a variety of opportunities to investigate a broad range of research in many fields of mechanical such as Thermal, Industrial, Production, Design, Automobile etc. Much of the research is conducted within the department, but many projects are carried out in collaboration with other departments and centers on campus, as well as with other R&D institutions and national laboratories in the country and abroad. The faculty, students and staff author many research publications annually in leading national and international journals and conferences. Several of the faculty are fellow of various national technical societies and members of technical bodies and have received recognition in the form of national and international awards. The alumni and staff of this department occupy high positions in institutions of higher learning, research laboratories and industries in India and abroad.

The Mechanical Engineering Faculty are continuing to explore new areas of research and develop new courses. Some of the areas in which the department faculties have ventured into are Rota-dynamics, Vibration, MEMS, Solar Thermal Power, Robotics, Flames & Combustion etc.

What we offer?

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering is offering Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, with an option of specialization in the following fields as per choice of the student:
    • Thermal Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering Design
    • Industrial and Production Engineering
    • Automobile Engineering
  • The program enables the individuals to carve a niche in the Power Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Automobile and Aerospace industry etc. 
  • The curriculum is very comprehensive and in-line with the latest trends in the industry and academia.
  • The curriculum also addresses the interdisciplinary areas of Engineering because without it the objective of higher education will certainly remain unfulfilled.
  • Being a university the best part is it provides a unified learning environment to upcoming professionals.


  • Syllabi are designed in line with the best available schemes and compared with IITs, NITs and Foreign Universities and reviewed every two years.
  • Outcome based education based on the best global practices.
  • State-of-art labs equipped with latest Software that industry use like ANSYS, Autodesk Inventor, MATLAB etc.
  • Conducive environment and best infrastructure for learning.
  • MOUs and alliances with top end companies and universities.
  • Specialized and flexible courses for students to gain command in the areas of technical interests.
  • Holistic development of students with course in Personality Development and other soft skills.
  • 3D printing facility to bring the imagination into reality.
  • Skilling process starts from day one to get high end placement offers in reputed companies.
  • Peer tutor initiative enables our meritorious, talented and highly capable students to use their skills to help weaker students and get recognized and rewarded.
  • Assistance to prepare you to compete in the GATE exam conducted by IITs which is considered the national bench mark for demonstrating merit in UG Engineering education at the national level.

Towards the end of their graduation, our professionals possess a balanced mix of technical knowledge, right attitude and preparedness to face challenges and ample of opportunities await them through campus placements to succeed in their own career of interest.