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Placement Record

To satiate the growing need of well-trained engineers by the industry, the University aims at producing engineers who possess the knowledge and professional competency as required by the industry. Our students of B.E. (Mechanical & Automobile Engineering) are being recruited by some of the best-reputed companies such as:

  • Omega Maritime Management Services(P) Ltd,
  • Infosys Technologies Limited,
  • J.B.M Group,
  • IndianAirforce,
  • IndianArmy,
  • IndianNavy,
  • L&T,
  • DensoSalesIndiaLtd,
  • Hitachi,
  • Metglass(India)Pvt.Ltd,
  • SMS India Pvt.Ltd,
  • iCAT,DEE Development Engineers Ltd.
  • Magna Power train and many others.