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General Guidelines for Projects

Below are the guidelines, every student must follow for successful completion of project.

Project Proposal

  • Industrial sponsored projects are encouraged
  • Students should choose from faculty offered projects or they should propose an innovative idea
  • A team of maximum 3 members is allowed per project.
  • Projects of Senior batches should not be repeated.(List of already made projects and reports  are available in Project Lab, Room No.216)
  • Proposals should be branch specific and should contribute towards gaining some knowledge in the field.


Proposal/Feasibility Evaluation

  • Feasibility check of the project should be complete in regards to hardware and software availability. Project once passed for its feasibility, wont be changed.
  • Proposal should comprise of the following:
    • abstract about the project along with its block diagram (if applicable)
    • implementation methodology,
    • facilities required
    • schedule/milestone for its completion in tabular or graphical form (e.g. Pert Chart)
  • This should be prepared in consultation of respective guides


Log Book

This log book is created with the purpose of keeping track of activities performed in routine for completion of the project. Weekly log may contain the following:


  • Progress on Ideas and conceptualisation
  • Problems faced in developing the circuit/software
  • Literature Survey and referred magazines and journals/papers/books
  • Solutions proposed and followed
  • Guide’s suggestions


NOTE: Its mandatory for students to report to their Guides at least once every week for progress evaluation. Marks for log book will only be counted if it is evaluated timely from your guides.

Project Report:

The report is different from the log book. Where log book contains daily activities for the progress of project, report is a complied document for the technology learnt, activities followed, brief on tools and techniques used and the results obtained.

  • Report should be in proper format as given in next section.
  • It should not be bound without the consent and signatures of respective guide(s).
  • Three copies of report are required, one for Guide, one for departmental Library and third for candidate himself.



The project should be submitted with proper casing making it as close to a finished marketable product as possible. Some of the things, to be taken care of, are:

  • Proper placement of controls and all user interfaces
  • Shape, color and size and accessories of the product suitable to its application
  • No circuitry to be visible or outside the packaging
  • Power Plug, Proper grounding and fuse facility (if required)
  • Easily opened/flexible casing for viewing and repairing the circuitry
  • Good GUI in case of a software project along with executable files


Evaluation Procedure

Evaluation of project progress will be done twice in each semester by a team of faculty members.  The students will be assigned a Project Serial number (PSN) which will be used as reference to make groups for evaluation.

The evaluation will be based on Project quality, Presentation, knowledge, work progress, report, guide feedback and attendance.


Marks Distribution

Total Marks (200) = 50(7th sem-Internal) + 150 (8th Sem-50 Internal+ 100 External)