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  • To provide comprehensive knowledge of Electronics and Communication engineering and related subjects for professional development and other creative pursuits in science and technology.
  • To develop the ability to demonstrate technical competence in the fields of Electronics and Communication engineering by teaching new and advanced courses and provide an environment for technology related research.
  • To equip our students to apply scientific, mathematical and engineering fundamentals to provide innovative solutions to real-life problems in Electronics and Communication engineering andrelated fields.
  • To develop the qualities of effective communication, interpersonal skills and leadership to deliver effectively in a multi-disciplinary team and professional environment.
  • To impart value to their knowledge and enable them to practice profession with ethics and asense of social responsibility, by making them more aware of contemporary issues.




  • Ability tounderstand and apply knowledge of basic sciences which is ensured by includingright mix of subjects of mathematics, science and basic engineering.
  • Skills to identify, formulate, design anddevelop solutions for complex engineering problems through in-depth knowledge of core Electronics and Communication engineering subjects alongwith the thorough knowledge of program specific electives and modern technologies.
  • Practical proficiency in almost all the courses offered as part of their Electronics andCommunication engineering program with good hands-on experience through practical experiments, projects and exposure through latest simulation tools, software and systems.
  • Proficiency inmultidisciplinary domains for devising the solution of real time problems,ability to work with national and international organizations and to understand the impact of engineering solutions on the society and environment.
  • Understandingof personal, social, professional and ethical responsibilities, ability to work as a team and communicate effectively, desire for life-long learning and exhibiting good behavior inall spheres of life.