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Workshop Practices


To fulfill the need of  students for a comprehensive knowledge  hand on experiments on  day to day Basic  electrical workshop practice giving an illustrative write up of the experiments ,on the basis of “teach yourself pattern” for clear understanding  for making the basic Electric  connections’ to  perform the experiments without any difficulty, has been elaborated, dealing with the basic aim and general information on the  safety guidelines and  report writing is elaborated. Standard symbols and tools frequently used in electrical field are listed and explained.

The manual is written with the aim of imparting basic knowledge about electrical fittings & familiarizing with the standard symbols through the connection diagrams.

The Lab is well equipped for making high quality Plated- thru- Hole Unit’ upgraded Printed circuit Board (PCB) to help students in learning and implementing the Technique in their projects

Stress has particularly been made in design and manufacture of a small single-phase transformer, being very important universal equipment exhaustively used in Electrical and Electronic Engineering field.

The lab is well equipped with all the required type of facilities and electrical components required to impart qualitative information and practice to the students.


List of Experiments

  • Introduction of tools, electrical materials, symbols and abbreviations.
  • Insulation testing of electrical equipment & study megger
  • To study go down wiring.
  • To control two lamps in so that (i) Both are full bright (ii) Both are dim (iii) One bright (iv) Both off.
  • To study house wiring i.e. batten, cleat, casing -capping and conduit wiring.
  • To study stair case wiring.
  • To construct a circuit of calling bell with two indicator lamps.
  • To study fluorescent tube light.
  • To study high pressure mercury vapor lamp (H.P.M.V).
  • To study sodium lamp.
  • Introduction to PCB fabrication.
  • Study of LED characteristics on PCB.
  • Study of characteristics of diode and its application as clipper and clamper circuit on PCB.
  • Circuit realization using 555 timer  on PCB
  • Design, Fabrication &Testing of a single phase Transformer