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Wireless and Mobile Communication


This is a post graduate lab where students learn simulating the wireless and mobile networks using a variety of simulating tools. The different simulating tools available in this lab are, QualNet, Network Simulator (NS-2) and MatLab. QualNet is powerful too with some added libraries for multimedia, wireless, cellular, urban propagation and satellite communications. Experiments are done on latest technologies like, GSM, CDMA, wired and wireless networks, like Wi-Fi, Wi-Max etc.For NS-2, students first learn the tcl language, scripting and designing the scenarios. Students learn creating the scenarios, designing and setting parameters for the scenarios and analysis of the results obtained. Matlab provides flexibility for designing and coding for anything and everything in communication. So, students use their programming skills to enhance the experiments performed and for their projects on wireless and Mobile communication also. Apart from working on the simulation tools, we do some experiments on spectrum analyzer and will also be including mobile trainer kits.



  • To get Familiarize with Qualnet 4.5 Simulation Tool.
  • To study and Compare various channel models for wireless channels
  • To study and compare various fading models for wireless channels.
  • To establish a call in an abstract cellular scenario.
  • To establish a call using various entities of GSM network.
  • To get familiarize with NS (version 2) Tool
  • To create a network topology, simulate it using NS2 and analyze the trace file.
  • To create a cyclic network topology with Dynamic Routing Protocol and simulate it using NS2.
  • To create a simple network topology using RED queue monitoring, simulate it using NS2 and obtain xgraph for the same.
  • To create a simple wireless scenario
  • To create a simple wired-cum-wireless scenario.


Value Added Experiments

  • Vlab: To Measure Delay Spread and determine coherence bandwidth.
  • To Study USB and SATA Buses and its applications.
  • Vlab: Study the Phenomenon of Linear and Circular Polarization, Determine cross-polar discrimination for Antenna system and study Polarization Diversity.