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Introduction for Semiconductor Devices Modeling and Technology Laboratory


Semiconductor Devices Modeling and Technology lab mainly emphasis on building a bridge between theoretical knowledge gained during lecture sessions and its implementation in the practical world.

The purpose of conducting experiments can be stated as follows:

  • To get familiarization with the basic components, devices, modules, etc. used for constructing circuits.
  • Circuit drawing using standard symbols as practiced in network technology
  • Making proper connection in the modules as per the circuit diagram and connection of appropriate power supply for energizing the circuits.
  • Conducting experiments as per the guidelines and writing of results of observation.
  • Verification of theoretical results through graphs or calculations


List of Experiments for SDMT Lab  

1. An Introduction to Spice Circuit Simulator.  

2. To study the I-V characteristics of P-N junction diode.   Determine the Reverse Recovery Time of diode using spice.

To study the I-V characteristics of n-channel MOSFET. Determine its parameter using Spice.

4  To study BJT as an amplifier in CE configuration and Plot its frequency response using spice simulator and determine gain from it.

To study the DC biasing of a transistor circuit and to determine its Q point i.e. IC, IB, VBE and VCE. Simulate this Circuit with Re and without Re using Spice. Can you comment on the effect of Re on DC biasing. Plot Ic-Vbe and Ic-Vce characteristics of transistor.

To study collector to base bias circuit and determine its Q point i.e. IB, VBE, IC and VCE. Perform .dc     analysis on Spice.

To study frequency response of RC coupled amplifier circuit and Simulate given circuit with CE and without CE. Determine effect of CE (the bypass capacitor) on transistor gain.

To study DC and AC analysis of common collector amplifier using Spice and Determine Av, Ai, Ri and Rout using Spice.

To measure the capacitance of a reverse biased PN junction, and the gate capacitance of the MOSFET.