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This lab deals in the comprehensive study of Satellite communication system. It is equipped with a satellite transponder and a transmitting and a receiving earth station.

In addition to these there is a camera to transmit a video to the transponder and a TV to checked the quality of the received picture via satellite. There is also a mike to do the testing on the voice signal. Also some experiments require signals to be transmitted and the measurements made on the received signals to plot the graphs to establish the quality of the received signal. For those experiments we employ the services of a function generator and the oscilloscope which are also provided in the lab. Different types of antennas are also in the lab to be used on the transponder and the earth stations. We also have the Digital modulation kits to study different digital modulation techniques used in satellite communication. The students are also provided with a detailed Lab manual to improve their understanding of Satellite communication.



1. To Study the process of Transmitting signals.
2. To study the base band signals in a satellite link.
3. To estimate C/ N ratio.
4. To estimate S/ N ratio.
5. To setup digital satellite communication link.
6. To study black & white and color TV.
7. To plot radiation pattern of a parabolic reflector.
8. To study the satellite communication receiver.
9. To setup a PC to PC satellite communication link using RS-232 port.
10. To measure the propagation delay of a signal in a satellite communication link.


1. To transmit and receive the function generator waveform through a satellite communication link.
2. To setup an active and passive satellite communication link and study their differences.