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Power System Protection and Switchgear laboratory


This laboratory covers the requirement of power system protection. We conduct experiments for protection of various power system equipments such as protection of generators, transformers, motors and transmission line. The devices used for protection of power system equipments are relays, circuit breakers, current transformers, potential transformers and switches. The lab is equipped with various types of relays such as inverse-definite minimum time relay (IDMT), overcurrent relay and differential relay. The characteristics of various relays are plotted. Students are taught the working of miniature circuit breakers for the protection of line feeders and busbars. The experiments are conducted to estimate and evaluate the Ferranti effect on short, medium and long transmission line. The efficiency and voltage regulation is also calculated. ABCD parameters of short and medium transmission lines are also calculated, The reactive power compensation using shunt capacitors are done to improve the voltage profile and power factor of transmission and distribution systems. The students are taken to the electric grid substation to cover the practical hands-on experience on actual working of power system equipment and their protection.


List of experiments

  • To study IDMT relay and plot its characteristics.
  • Use of differential relay for transformer protection
  • To study differential relays and plot its protection
  • To calculate efficiency and voltage regulation of three-phase transmission line
  • To examine Ferranti effect on medium transmission line
  • To provide reactive power compensation using shunt capacitors for three-phase transmission line
  • Find the ABCD parameters of medium transmission line
  • Simulation of various types of faults using MIPOWER software.
  • To have Hands-on practice on power system protection in electric substation
  • To study applications of  switchgear equipments for power system protection