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Power system-II lab is a well-equipped laboratory for experiment on power system transmission & distribution relevant to the electrical & Electronics field. The labs have cut working model  & kits of all the transmission & distribution system, circuit breakers & switched mode power supply type, for students to understand the concept of electrical power transmission & distribution.The list of experiment to be performed is in accordance with the Power system-II course prescribed by The NorthCap University .



  • To Study the 2-wire DC Distribution fed at both end and calculate the various load current for medium and long transmission .
  • To study the 3-wire DC Distribution and calculate the various load current for long transmission line fed at double end.
  • To study the Ring Distribution system in DC network and calculate the various load current for ring connected transmission line .
  • To develop a program to carry out simulation of a symmetrical three phase short circuit on a given power system.
  • To carry out load flow analysis of the given power system by gauss ideal method.
  • Study of a short transmission line model and to find out resistance, reactance, voltage regulation and efficiency of the line.
  • To draw the Power-angle characteristic of a transmission line
  • The effect of load variation on the performance of short transmission line under various operating conditions



  • Formation of Y-Bus (Admittance Matrix) by using Mat lab/Simulink
  • Model a sequence network for the Single Line to Ground Fault and determine the waveforms of voltage and current using MATLAB.