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Power Electronics


This laboratory introduces the student to measurement and simulation of important operating characteristics of power semiconductor devices and firing circuits. Emphasis is on devices, circuits, gating methods and power quality. Practical demonstration of the theoretical concepts done in classrooms will enhance the understanding of the students. The experiments included in the curriculum cover majority of the power devices studied in theory. Some additional value added experiments are also included in the end.

The laboratory is well equipped with Chopper circuit kit, UJT Saw tooth Generator, Complementary Voltage commutation using ring counter trainer kit, firing circuit trainer, Single phase Cycloconverter trainer, CRO’s, etc. The students are provided with a comprehensive Lab Manual, which is almost self-explanatory. All the experiments are well documented with clear circuit diagrams, theory and procedures involved, so that the students are able to perform the experiments with ease and proper understanding.



  • To plot current-voltage characteristics of an SCR.
  • To study the working of thyristorised DC circuit breaker.
  • To study the working of saw tooth generator using UJT.
  • To study the working of a DC chopper.
  • To study of complementary voltage commutation using a Lamp Flasher.
  • To study of complementary voltage commutation using Ring Counter.
  • To study the working of Fan regulator using thyristor.
  • To study the working of R and R-C SCR firing circuits.
  • To study the working of single phase Cycloconverter.
  • To study the VI characteristics of Triac



  • To study the working Ramp and Pedestal firing circuits using UJT.
  • To study the working of a Lamp Dimmer circuit using SCR and TRIAC.
  • To simulate a single phase half wave Phase controlled rectifier using MatLab/Simulink.
  • To simulate a MOSFET based chopper using MatLab/Simulink.
  • To simulate a SCR based AC Voltage regulator using MatLab/ Simulink.
  • ·         To study the working of series and parallel commutated SCR Inverter.