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This lab provides technical information about the microprocessor that will help the students to gain knowledge about 8 bit and 16 bit microprocessors. A lab manual on microprocessor is provided with some programming examples to help students understand the logic of programs. For 8085 microprocessor, kit(VMC-8506) is used for programming. Various I/O chips used in the kit are 8279,8255,8253,8251 and 8259.

For 8086, computer software is there to help students in making and running their programs.Practical demonstration of the programming concepts done in classrooms will enhance the understanding of the students. The experiments included in the curriculum covers all the concepts of programming studied in theory. Some additional value added experiments are also included in the end.

The students are provided with a comprehensive Lab Manual, which is almost self explanatory. All the experiments are well documented clearly so that the students are able to perform the experiments with ease and proper understanding.




  • Write a program using 8085 and verify for:
    • Addition of two 8-bit numbers and 16-bit numbers.
    • Subtraction of two 8-bit numbers and 16-bit numbers.
  • Write a program using 8085 (Kit/Simulator) to multiply and divide two 8 bit numbers using
    • Repetitive addition.
    • Repetitive subtraction.
  • Write a program using 8085(Kit/Simulator) to
    • Count number of ones in an 8 bit number.
    • Swap two 8 and 16 bit hexadecimal numbers.
  • Write a program using 8085 (Kit/Simulator) to
    • Separate digit of 8 bit hexadecimal numbers and store it at two different locations.
    • Count number of even numbers in an array.
  • Write a program using 8085 (Kit/Simulator) to Convert a set of number to odd parity if the number is even parity.
  • Write a program using 8085 (Kit/Simulator) to
    • Compliment the content of flag register.
    • Decimal addition of two 16 numbers.
  • Write a program in 8086 (Kit/MASM) to multiply
    • Two 8 bit numbers using register relative addressing mode.
    • Two 16 bit numbers using based index addressing mode.
  • Write a program in 8086(Kit/MASM)  to
    • Find largest number in an array.
    • Add a 16 bit numbers consider carry also.
  • Write a program in 8086 (Kit/MASM) to
    • Arrange an array in ascending order.
    • Transfer a block of array to another location.
  • Write a program to display a string and reverse a string using MASM.
    • Study of 8255 PPI interfacing kit.
    • Study of 8259 interfacing kit.
  • Write a program to interface logic controller with 8086.




  • Write a program to interface LCD display with 8086
  • Interfacing seven segment displays with processor on PCB.