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Integrated Circuits and its Applications


This laboratory introduces the student to get familiarize with the basic concepts of Op-Amp. Practical demonstration of the theoretical concepts done in classrooms will enhance the understanding of the students. The experiments included in the curriculum cover majority of the applications of Op-Amp like  Op-Amp as adder, subtractor, integrator, differentiator, inverting, non–inverting amplifier, filter, oscillator etc.Few experiments based on Orcad/Virtual Lab are also included. These software based experiments allow students to view simulation results after changing different parameters of circuit. Students  can also compare the simulation results with results obtained when performed on real hardware.

The laboratory is well equipped with CRO-Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (for measuring AC and DC waveforms, amplitude, time period etc), DM-Digital Multimeter (for measuring AC and DC current and voltages), FG-Function Generator ( for generating different type of waveforms of different amplitude and frequencies), DC voltage supply of different amplitude and Bread-Board (for making electronic circuits temporarily for performing experiments).


List of Experiments


  • Design and realize inverting amplifier, non-inverting and buffer amplifier using 741 Op Amp.
  • Design and verify the operation of adder and Subtractor circuits
  • To study Op Amp as multiplier and Divider
  • To study Op-Amp as Integrator
  • To study Op-Amp as Differentiator
  • Verify the operation of differentiator circuit using 741 Op-Amp and show that it acts like a high pass filter
  • Verify the operation of integrator circuit using 741 Op-Amp and show that it acts like a low pass filter
  • Design and realize Wein Bridge Oscillator using 741 Op Amp
  • To design and realize square wave generator using 741 Op Amp
  • Design and measure the frequency response of an RC coupled amplifier using discrete components.
  • Plot frequency response of AC coupled amplifier using op-amp 741 and study the effect of negative feedback on the bandwidth and the gain of the amplifier.
  • To study Op Amp as Integrator using Virtual Lab/Orcad.
  • To study Op Amp as Differentiator using Virtual Lab/Orcad.
  • To study Op Amp as Inv/Non Inv Amplifier using Virtual Lab/Orcad.
  • Design and realize Wein-Bridge oscillator using Virtual  Lab/Orcad.