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M.Tech. (VLSI Design)

Embedded System Design (ECL-532)

This laboratory introduces the student to embedded systems using Microcontroller. Emphasis is on Programming using 8051 microcontroller and ARM7 microcontroller. Practical demonstration of the programming concepts done in classrooms will enhance the understanding of the students.

The experiments included in the curriculum covers all the concepts of programming studied in theory. Some additional value added experiments are also included in the end.

The laboratory is well equipped with PC’s installed with Keil Software, UMPS Software, RS-232 Card, CRO’s etc.
The students are provided with a comprehensive Lab Manual, which is almost self explanatory.

All the experiments are well documented clearly so that the students are able to perform the experiments with ease and proper understanding.



1. Familiarization of 8051 micro controller kit (Basic operation of the micro controller kit).

2. Familiarization with Keil IDE using C51 tool chain and create a demo project to blink a LED using Embedded C.

3. To generate square wave on P1.0 using delay subroutine and analyze the generated wave on logic analyzer.

4. Write a program to implement a digital calculator which can perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of two integer values and show the result on P2.

5. Write a program to implement water level indicator having 8 co.ntact sensors and an alert buzzer. All sensors are connected on P2 and buzzer is connected on pin P1.0

6. Write a program to perform serial communication which will do the following tasks using Embedded C programming language.

(a) Transmit character ‘A’ continuously.

(b) Transmit a character string and analyze the result in serial window.

7. Introduction to ARM7 microcontroller and familiarization with Keil IDE using MDK340 tool chain and create a demo code to blink LED using Embedded C.

8. Write a program to interface 8 LEDs with ARM7 and implement binary counter on these LEDs.

9. Write a program to interface a push type switch with ARM7 and implement different pattern on 8 LEDs connected on P0 using three selection switches.

10. Write a program to run two tasks viz. ‘T1’ and ‘T2’ using RTOS and show the result on LEDs connected on P0 of ARM7.

 Value Added Experiments:

11. Write a program to implement mailbox in ARM7 and RTOS.

12. Write a program to interface 16X2 character LCD with ARM7 and display The NorthCap University in row one.