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This laboratory introduces the student to embedded systems using Microcontroller. Emphasis is on Programming using 8051 microcontroller.Practical demonstration of the programming concepts done in classrooms will enhance the understanding of the students.The experiments included in the curriculum covers all the concepts of programming studied in theory. Some additional value added experiments are also included in the end.

The laboratory is well equipped with PC’s installed with UMPS Software, CRO’s, RS-232 Card etc.

The students are provided with a comprehensive Lab Manual, which is almost self explanatory. All the experiments are well documented clearly so that the students are able to perform the experiments with ease and proper understanding.



1. Write an Assembly language Programme (ALP) to generate 10kHz square wave.
2. Write an ALP to generate 10 kHz frequency using interrupts.
3. Write an ALP to interface one Micro controller with other wring serial/parallel communication.
4. Write an ALP for temperature & pressure measurement & to display on intelligent LCD display.
5. Write an ALP for PWM based speed control of motor.
6. Write an ALP for PWM based regulator of voltage.
7. Write an ALP to send/receive the data from an computer to MC through serial communication.
8. Study of Development tools/environment for Micro controller Programme.
9. Develop an Embedded system for traffic light controller using Micro controller.
10. Develop an Embedded system for the automatic motion of a car (Model of car) & Subsequent display on LCD using Microcontroller.



1. Design of Traffic light Controller.