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Electronics and Microprocessors


This laboratory is designed for Automobile Engineering students.The purpose of this laboratory is to give a clear exposition on the theoretical aspect of the subject through laboratory demonstration and experimental setup on various topics. This deals with the various concepts of Basics electronics, Digital electronics and Microprocessors and their interfacing. The objective is to perform the experiments on kit as well as on software (ORCAD) and to analyze the experimental results. Students will enhance their practical knowledge by performing experiments based on functions of processor i.e 8085 .


List of Experiments


  • Study of V-I Characteristics of PN Junction Diode
  • Study of I-V characteristics of Zener Diode
  • To study the I-V characteristics of transistor in common emitter configuration and determine the input and output resistances.
  • To study characteristics of Uni junction transistor (UJT)
  • Study of Logic gates (basic gates)
  • To verify the operation of half adder and full adder.
  • To verify the operation of universal shift register using IC 74194
  • To verify the operation of decade counter using IC 7490
  • Write a program using 8085 for 8 bit addition and subtraction..
  • Write a program using 8085 for multiplication of two 8-bit numbers by (a) Repeated addition method b) Bit rotation method.
  • Write a program using 8085 for division of two 8- bit numbers by a) Repeated subtraction method b) Bit rotation method and test for typical data.
  • Simulate and study half wave, full wave and bridge wave rectifier.
  • Simulate and study circuit using BJT.
  • Simulate and study logic expression and determine its truth table.
  • Study and simulate TTL gates-NAND, NOR and EX-OR.


Value Added Experiments


  • Write a program using 8085 for finding the largest number from an array and verify the result.
  • To verify the operation of Multiplexer & Demultiplexer.