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Workshop Practices LAB

The laboratory introduces the student, the basic aspects of day to day usages of Electricity especially domestic application. The scope of the experiments covers introduction to tools used, electrical materials, symbols and the abbreviations, with emphasis on all types of electrical wiring, various type of lamps, and importance of earthing. Insulation testing of electrical equipment as well as design and fabrication of electronics circuits on PCB.

The students are provided with comprehensive lab manual covering the theory, the procedure, circuit diagrams, to enable them perform the experiments with understanding and ease.



  • Introduction of tools, electrical materials, symbols and abbreviations.
  • Insulation testing of electrical equipment & study megger.
  • To study stair case wiring.
  • To study house wiring i.e., batten, cleat, casing - capping and conduit wiring.
  • To construct a circuit of calling bell with two indicator lamps.
  • To study florescent tube light.
  • To study high pressure mercury vapour lamp. (H. P. M. V).
  • To study Sodium lamp.
  • To make ‘T’ and Straight joints.
  • To study Godown wiring.
  • To control two lamps so that 1) Both are full bright 2) Both are dim 3) One bight other one off  4) Both  are off.
  • Introduction to PCB fabrication.
  • Study of LED characteristics on PCB.
  • Study of characteristics of diode and its application as clipper and clamper circuit on PCB.
  • Circuit realization using 555 timer on PCB.
  • To study designing, testing & fabrication of 1-phase transformer