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Electrical Machines-I


To full fill the need of new Electrical &Electronics Engineering branch, the LAB  has been designed and established keeping in mind the need of the students and comprehensive coverage of theory syllabus that is mainly DC Machines & Transformers. In depth study of the DC Machines and transformers is done with the help of different experiments done on the machines to know their characteristics, operation. The experiments on MATLAB also will be done for the better exposure in the electrical machines.


List of Experiments:

To perform the open circuit and short circuit on a single-phase transformer to find its efficiency & draw its phasor diagram.

To perform the load test on a single-phase transformer to find its efficiency and voltage regulation & draw its phasor diagram.

To perform parallel operation of two single-phase transformers to study the load sharing.

To perform Sumpner’s Test on back-to-back transformers to find their efficiency and voltage regulation.

To study about the transformer using  Matlab/simulink.

To study Scott Connection of  3-phase Transformer.

To plot OCC of a DC Shunt Generator

To perform direct load test on DC shunt and DC compound generator.

To perform the Swinburne’s test on a DC shunt motor to find its efficiency.

To control the speed of DC motor by armature voltage control and field flux control method.

To perform Hopkinson’s test on DC machine to find its efficiency.

Separation of  core losses in a Single-Phase transformer.

Separation of losses in a DC Shunt Machine.

To study the starting operation of a DC shunt motor using Matlab/Simulink.