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Electrical Machines


Experiments in Electrical & Electronics engineering-III lab are formulated keeping in view long felt demand by the Faculty, and the students, clarifying the basics of Transformer ,  Electrical Machines  and filters relevant to  electrical and electronic  Engineering  branch. The Lab  is a well-equipped with  experiments on all type of DC , A.C. and the synchronous  machines. Cut section working Models  of  various type machines and the measuring instruments are also available for the students to have clear idea  of construction & their  working.. The experiments engulf  all the important tests on the transformer to include open circuit and short test, load test as well as parallel and back to back  ( sumpener’ test ). Speed controlof D. C. motor, Load test on DC Generator, OCC of DC  & synchronous Generator & V- curve  of synchronous  motor etc.Experiments on Low pass & High pass filters and simulation of operation of transformer and D. C. Machine on  MATLABare particularly included as  important value addition for the  EEE-3 course.


List of Experiments

  • To perform the open circuit, short circuit on a single-phase transformer & draw phasor diagram
  • To perform Load test on a single phase transformer & find Efficiency, Voltage regulation & draw phasor diagram.
  • To perform parallel operation of two single phase transformers & two study the load sharing.
  • To perform Sumpner’s Test on two identical transformers & to find their regulation & efficiency.
  • To perform No-load & Block rotor test on a single phase induction motor.        
  • To plot OCC & SCC for an Alternator by synchronous impedance method.
  • To plot the V-Curves of Synchronous Motor.
  • To study the speed control of DC motor by armature control and field control method.
  • To perform direct load test on self excited DC shunt generator and separately excited compound generator.
  • To perform the Swinburne’s test on a DC shunt motor and to find the efficiency of the motor
  • To plot the frequency response of low pass filters and determines half power frequency.
  • To plot the frequency response of high pass filter and determine half power frequency


Value Added Experiments

  • To plot the frequency response of band pass filter and to plot the frequency response and determine bandwidth
  • To study the starting operation of a transformer using Matlab/simulink.
  • ·         To study the starting operation of a DC shunt motor using Matlab/Simulink.