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Digital Communication System


This Lab will cover the experiments related to the theory taught in the lectures. In the beginning it has an introduction on digital communication in general and also the Communication Systems. It has experiments on all the digital modulation schemes like ASK,FSK,PSK,QPSK,QAM AND MSK . In addition it has experiments on signal sampling and reconstruction and also the line coding. There are introductory experiments on QualNet, Matlab and Virtual Labs.


List of Experiments 


  • To study signal sampling and reconstruction.
  • To study  the different line codes. 
  • To study ASK  digital modulation and demodulation technique
  • To study FSK  digital modulation and demodulation technique
  • To study PSK /BPSK digital modulation and demodulation technique
  • To study QPSK Modulation  and Demodulation Technique  
  • To study Time Division Multiplexing
  • To study QAM/DQAM Modulation and Demodulation Technique .
  • To study the speech circuit of a Telecom switch.
  • To study  the switching Mechanism for incoming and outgoing call.
  • To  study the DTMF and pulse dialing circuit of a Telecom Switch.
  • To study MSK using Virtual Labs.
  • Introduction to QualNet


Value Added Experiments


  • Design a digital modulated Communication system and study Eye diagram and scatter plot for the modulated signal.
  • Analysis of FTP traffic between two nodes using a Wireless Subnet in QualNet 4.5 Simulator.