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This is a companion laboratory to Communication System – Theory. It covers: fundamental elements of communications systems hardware; use of cathode ray oscilloscope and other measurement instruments typically encountered in communication systems; analog frequency and amplitude modulators and demodulators; Pulse modulator and demodulators. Emphasis is on devices, circuits, methods and meausurements and on Simulators. Practical demonstration of the theoretical concepts done in classrooms will enhance the understanding of the students.

The students are provided with a comprehensive Lab Manual, which is almost self explanatory. All the experiments are well documented with clear circuit diagrams, block diagrams, theory and procedures involved, so that the students are able to perform the experiments with ease and proper understanding.

The lab is equipped with CRO, Signal generator, Amplitude Modulation & Demodulation Kit, Frequency Modulation & Demodulation Kit, Pulse Width Modulation & Demodulation Kit, Pulse Amplitude Modulation & Demodulation Kit, Pulse Code Modulation & Demodulation Kit, Pulse Position Modulation & Demodulation Kit, FSK Modulation & Demodulation Kit, PSK Modulation & Demodulation Kit, Digital TD Multiplexing & Demultiplexing and Delta Modulation & Demodulation kit.



1. To Study Amplitude modulation & Demodulation.
2. To Study Frequency modulation & Demodulation.
3. To Study Frequency modulation & Demodulation.
4. To Study Pulse Width modulation and Demodulation.
5. To Study Pulse Position modulation and Demodulation.
6. To Study FSK modulation and Demodulation.
7. To Study PSK modulation and Demodulation.
8. To Study the Time Division Multiplexing and De-multiplexing.
9. To Study the Circuit of Pulse Code modulation and Demodulation.
10. To Study the Circuit of Delta modulation and Demodulation.



1. To Study & Design Optic Digital LinK.
2. To Study Rise & Fall Time Distortions
3. To Study Propagation Delay
4. To familiarize with QualNet 4.5 Simulation Tools.
5. To analyse FTP Traffic between two nodes using a Wireless Subnet in QualNet 4.5 Simulator.