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All the experiments for  the Advanced R F Systems Lab for ECE 8th semester students have been prepared  on the basis of  the contents in the syllabus.The experiments will be useful to understand the working principles of the satellite communication, to mesure base-band signal parameters in a satellite link, phenomenon of linearily and circularly polarized antennas, noise parameters, measurement of S/N, C/N and G/T ratios, to simulate  satellite system in satellite tool kit using Qualnet 5.0, to simulate TDMA using  Abstract Network Equation-Satellite (ANESAT) model in Qualnet 5.0



  • To study the basic concepts of basic Satellite Communication Systems 
  • To measure the base- band Analog Signal Parameters in a Satellite Link.
  • To setup a RS-232 Satellite Communication Link using RS-232 ports.
  • To study Noise Parameters and observe its effect on communication link.
  • To measure the Carrier/Noise (C/N) ratio of a Satellite Communication Link.
  • To measure the Signal/Noise (S/N) ratio.
  • To measure the figure of merit (G/T) of a Satellite Communication Link.



  • To plot radiation pattern of a parabolic reflector Antenna and verify the experiment using CST EM solver.
  • To measure the beam width (-3db) and side lobe levels of parabolic reflector Antenna and verify the experiment using CST EM solver.
  • To simulate Satellite System in Satellite tool kit using QualNet 4.5
  • To simulate TDMA using Abstract Network Equation – Satellite (ANESAT) Model in QualNet 5.0.
  • To measure the signal to noise ratio of microwave link by using Virtual Labs.