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“ Knowledge is of no value unless we put it into practice”. Keeping this into mind we not only provide theoretical inputs to our students in lecture rooms but also put lot of prominence on building practical knack of our students so that they can excel in the field of technology, once they are in the real practical world. The department encourages students for self development beyond curriculum and provides full support by way of required facilities and guidance.

For this department has provided various academic facilities, out of which some are mentioned below:

1. State of art Laboratories

All labs are equipped with state of art equipments, instruments, kits and software tools. These labs are under the control and taken care by well qualified technical personnel.

Some of the key features of these labs are:

* Good space and ambience
* Only two students per work bench for hardware experiments
* Single student per machine for software experiments
* Stress on designing circuits using discrete components which help in better understanding and also develop knack of debugging.
* Correlation of theory with practical, emphasis on comparison between theoretical and experimental result, finding sources of error and how to reduce the same.
* Value added experiments for students having more interest in particular field.
* Software based experiments in all labs to familiarize students with latest software tools as per current trends in Industry.
* A well written lab manual for better understanding of lab, instruments, equipments and experiments is provided to each student.

2. Departmental Library

Besides main library of the Institute, department has its own library to cater the special needs of students, faculty and technical staff members.

Some of the key features of this library are:

* Copy of each book related to the field of Electronics, Electrical, Communications and Instrumentations, which is available in main library, has been kept for quick reference.
* Copy of International Journals related to above mentioned fields.
* Copy of syllabus, previous year minor and major question papers, tutorial sheets.
* Previous year question papers of GATE, IES and reputed institutes and universities.
* Previous year project and training reports.

3. Project Lab

Besides regular labs, this lab is fully dedicated to carry out major projects of UG and PG level. This lab is well equipped with all major software tools, technical data books and other necessary facilities to build both hardware as well as software based projects.

4. Other facilities

Apart form above facilities, there is a facility of wi-fi connection, on-line journals of IEEE, Science direct etc for both students and faculty members to explore area of their interest.