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Events and Achievements


  • Expert lecture on  Industry Automation and Programmable Logic Controller

    The Dept of Mechanical Engineering and the Dept of EECE jointly organized an expert lecture on today's highly demanding topic of 'Industry Automation and Programmable Logic Controller' by industry expert Ms Ripanjeet Kaur, Senior Engineer, Mitsubishi Electric India Private Ltd, Gurugram on 17 March 2017. The expert lecture was attended by ECE and ME students from 4th, 6th and 8th  Semesters.

    The detailed lecture covered the following areas:

    • Industry automation
    • Latest trends in automation industry
    • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
    • PLC programming and hardware-software interfacing
    • Controller designing   

    Ms Ripanjeet also highlighted the type of work and research that was being done at Mitsubishi Electric at its various plants located worldwide. The future developments needed in the area of automation and PLC were were discussed by Ms Ripanjeet followed by an interactive session wherein students actively participated in clarifying their doubts. The talk was coordinated by Dr Shiv Manjaree Gopaliya, Dept of Mechanical Engg, Dr Anjali Garg and Ms Shaveta Arora, Dept of ECE.

  • NITTTR conducts training programme for teachers

    The National Institute of Technical Teachers Training & Research (NITTTR), Chandigarh offers Faculty Training Programmes in a wide variety of areas to train teachers, propagate ICT skills and induction training programmes to improve quality of technical education at NCU (Nodal Centre). The Dept of EECE organized a short term course in association with NITTTR Chandigarh on ‘Embedded World through ICT’ from 21 to 24 March 2017 at the University. The programme was designed around the following major topics:

    • Introduction to Micro-controllers like PIC, AVR, Embedded processor
    • Reconfigurable devices like MMX series, MIPS, ARM
    • System on Chip
    • Applications specific Integrated Circuits,
    • Modelling of multi-processors systems
    • Applications of embedded system designing includes Wireless Sensor & their networking

    The Course upgraded knowledge and programming skills of the faculty, research scholars and technical staff of the Dept of EECE. The course included interfacing of PIC with the real world and the latest trends in embedded systems in IoT and Android Platform used in industrial applications. The training was coordinated by Ms Amanpreet Kaur, Nodal Coordinator, Dept of EECE.

  • QEEE programme of IIT Madras

    Under the QEEE programme of IIT Madras special lectures were held on 18, 20 and 23 Jan 2017 on ‘Stability Analysis - Control Systems’ for 2nd Year BTech EECE students in the Dept of EECE. 43 students received completion certificates with 42 receiving excellent grades from IIT Madras. The faculty coordinator for the programme was Dr Anjali Garg.

  • Guest Lecture by Mr LN Visvanathan

    A guest lecture by Mr LN Visvanathan, Vice president (Production), Exicom Telesystems Pvt Ltd, Gurugram was organized on 27 Feb 2017 on the topic ‘Surface Mounted Technologies’. The lecture was attended by 2nd & 3rd Year BTech ECE students. The lecture included career oriented talks and job opportunities for students of Electronics and Communication Engineering. Students and faculty got an idea of the latest trends in the industry. The lecture was coordinated by Dr Sharda Vashisth and Ms Kusum Grewal Dangi. [ECE2017G003]

  • Spoken Tutorial Project of IIT Bombay

    The Spoken Tutorial Project is about teaching and learning a particular FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) like Linux, Scilab, LaTeX, Perl, Ruby, Oscad, PHP & MySQL, Java, C/C++, LibreOffice etc. via an easy video tool. The students of the Dept of EECE  (2nd, 4th and 6th Sem) were enrolled for C++, Java and Latex and CSE (2nd , 4th and 6th Sem ) were enrolled for Advance C/C++/CPP, Ruby, Python and PHP, Python and PHP. Students of Dept of CEE were enrolled for Inkspace.

    The workshops and online test of these subjects were conducted in the Department of CSE and the workshops from 24-29 April for ECE and CEE students. The faculty coordinator for the the whole process was Ms Pooja Sabherwal.

  • Career Counselling Session at  The Maurya School

    A Career Counselling session was organised by NCU at The Maurya School, Gurugram on 25 April 2017 for students of classes 9-12. The session was on ‘Career Options in Engineering, Management and Law’ and was delivered by Ms Jyotsna Singh, Dr Ashwini Sharma, Dr Anjali Garg and Mr Shankar Murlidharan. The session was attended by around 120 students and senior faculty members of the School. 

    Various career options with their pros and cons as well as basic requirements were shared with the students which will help them to get a good insight while selecting Engineering, Management, Law and other courses as career options. The students were also invited to visit NCU's campus, its workshops and laboratories to relate to practical aspects of what was delivered in the session taken.

    Two students Mohd Afnan Qureshi (13ECU084) and Karan Sethi(13ECU062), Dept of EECE participated in the State level quiz competition on Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy, organized by New and Renewable Energy Department - HAREDA on 19 April 2017. The quiz was held at Akshay Urja Bhawan, HAREDA office, Panchkula. They were representing Gurugram district of Haryana. The quiz comprised of international and national events such as Earth Day, efficiency of fuels, abbreviations, chemical and physical properties of components etc.

  • Guest Lecture on Internet of Things
    Department of Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering   organized a guest lecture on 8th Feb 2017 by Mr. Mohit Grover, Head of Radio Access GSS-India, and Nokia Networks on “Internet of Things The lecture was arranged for VI semester ECE/EE students and coordinated by faculty Ms. Naresh Kumari and Ms. Charu Rana.

    Mohit Grover currently heads the Radio Access business line at Nokia for Global Sales Support Function. Mohit is an accomplished professional with 19 years of experience in Mobile & Communication domain. He has worked with TCS & Aricent in the past where he was Software Program Manager leading multi-site teams and managing Software R&D projects. Mohit holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from Pune University and a Post Graduate Diploma is Management.
    Theme of the Lecture was based on an increasingly growing technology “Internet of things”. The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the network of physical objects that feature an IP address for internet connectivity, and the communication that occurs between these objects and other Internet-enabled devices and systems.

  • Guest lecture on Future Trends in IT Infrastructure Services
    A guest lecture by Mr. Aman Chandna, Service Delivery Manager. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), was conducted by EECE Department on 10.11.2016 from 10:30 am to 11:30 pm in room no. N309. The lecture was attended 3rd year and 4th Year ECE students.
    Mr Aman is having a vast experience of 11+years in TCS at various levels. He is managing the Media Account Services, leading network, security and storage backup. He had been L3 Network Engineer and worked on New Projects of Electronic Arts in California USA also.
    Mr. Chandna covered future trends in IT infrastructure services like cloud computing, internet of things. The lecture extended with career oriented talks on job opportunities for Electronics and Communication Engineering in the related field. It was a very informative session where students and faculty got idea of latest trends going in industry.

    Mr. Aman delivering the lecture

    Organizing Faculty:  Ms. Shaveta Arora and Ms. Kusum Grewal Dangi.

  • Expert Lecture on Smart Cities

    A guest lecture by Jeevan Talgaonkar, General Manager & Head Practice Business Operations, Ericsson India Pvt. Ltd. (a Swedish MNC) , was conducted by EECE Department on 27.10.2016 from 9:30 am to 10:30 am in room no. N307. The lecture was attended by EECE Dept., 3rd year and 4th Year ECE students of BTech and 2nd year MTech ECE students.

    Mr. Talgaonkar covered Internet of Things, 3G (LTE), 4G followed by latest happenings in 5G in industries.The lecture extended with career oriented talks on Job opportunities for Electronics and Communication Engineering. It was a very informative session where students and faculty got idea of latest trends going in industry.

    Organizing Faculty:  Dr. Anjali Garg, Ms. Kusum Grewal Dangi and Dr. Sharda Vashishth.

    Mr. Talgaonkar delivering lecture on Smart cities

  • Expert Lecture on Internet of Things
    Ms. Gayathri Magie from IBM North America Team who leads Academic Initiative for Internet of Things  addressed Students and Faculty members at The NorthCap University to build their awareness on Internet of Things. It was a two-hour informative session delivered from 11:30 am-1:30pm on August 3, 2016 at University Auditorium.
    Ms. Gayathri Magie is the Business Development Executive leading the IBM Watson Internet of Things Academic Initiative. Ms. Gayathri collaborates with educational institutions worldwide to help faculty and students build IoT skills leveraging IBM resources and platforms available for academia. She has been with IBM-US since 2001 and has 18 years of Information Technology experience working on worldwide teams and projects across various aspects of the business, including product development, customer support, project management, product management, and sales.
    Ms. Gayatri introduced the concept of ‘Internet of things” to the students and faculty using many examples and case studies shown using pictures and videos. She then introduced the concept of IBM WATSON to the students. The students were required to register on the IBM Watsson website from which they could download various open source software and also design IoT applications.
    Her lecture was followed by a Q&A session, where students asked very informative questions and Ms. Gayatri answered them and satisfied their curiosity.

  • National Workshop on VLSI Systems Design using Xilinx Vivado Design Suite and Zedboard All Programmable SoC by Xilinx & Coreel Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd.

    Day & Date         : Saturday, 30th Jan., 2016
    Time                      : 09:00AM to 05:00PM
    Venue                  : VLSI Design Lab., Room No. 304


    Topic 1: Implement any sequential and combinational design using Xilinx Vivado Tool :Discuss on architecture Wizard, Pins Assignment and IP integrator feature of  Vivado

    Topic 2: Architecture Wizard and Pins Assignment :  Explain Xilinx design constraint, Hardware debugging feature and How to use it in design using Vivado. 

    Topic 3 : Hardware Debugging: Use Mark Debug feature and Integrated Logic Analyzer (ILA) core to debug the hardware.

    Faculty Coordinators

    • Mr. Ankur Sangal, Sr. Applications Engineer, Corel Technologies, Gurugram
    • Mr. Vinay Kumar, Field Applications Engineer, Corel Technologies, Gurugram
    • Ms. Deepika Ahlawat, Engineer, Xilinx, Hyderabad
    • Dr. Neeraj Kr. Shukla, Associate Professor & Project Manager-VLSI Design, Department of EECE, NCU, Gurugram
    • Mr. Mandeep Singh, Assistant Professor, Department of EECE, NCU, Gurugram
    • Ms. Rakhi Nangia, Assistant Professor, Department of EECE, NCU, Gurugram
  • A lecture on “Introduction to IP Multimedia Systems” was delivered on Jan 19th, 2016 by Mr. Rishi Asnani, Senior Solution Architect, Mobile Core Networks, Ericsson India Pvt. Ltd and coordinated by Dr. Rekha Vig.Mr. Rishi Asnani has experience of 20+ years in Telecommunications / ICT industry, primarily in the areas of Mobile/PSTN/Enterprise network planning, operations, support, performance and training. He has worked with Telecom operators and vendors within India and overseas. This lecture was primarily conducted for ECE Semester VI students to introduce the concept of IMS to them.
  • Mr. Asnani explained the IP Multimedia Subsystem or IP Multimedia Core NetworkSubsystem (IMS), which is an architectural framework for delivering IP multimedia services. It is a concept for an integrated network of telecommunications carriers that would facilitate the use of IP (Internet Protocol) for packet communications in all known forms over wireless or landline.

    Mr. Rishi Anani delivering the lecture at seminar hall at NCU, Gurugram.

  • Six Day Faculty Development Program on : “Latest trends in Industry and Research”December’15

    EECE Faculty in the Concluding Session of the 6-Day Faculty Development Program

    Six days Faculty Development Program (FDP) was organized in December, 2015 for the faculty members of EECE department. The theme of the FDP was “Latest Trends in Industry and Research”, which indeed was fulfilled with variety of talks from engineering, teaching and research fields.
    The FDP program covered various aspects like talks on motivational topics like Emotional Intelligence, Smart cities and Sustainable development, Satellite Communication trends, its growth; challenges etc in addition to the talks on current technologies by eminent professors from IIT Delhi and experts from industries.  Academicians extracted time from their busy schedules to deliver lectures on emerging technologies like ‘Smart Grid &Grid Integration of Large Capacity Renewable Energy Sources’, ‘Optical wireless communication: Challenges and solutions and ‘Basics of Electronic Warfare’.  Expert from Ericsson presented about the latest technology trends in  IP multimedia System.

  • Workshop on Latest trends in Signal and Image Processing

    Ms. Sharda Vashisth, Ms. Mona Aggarwal and Ms. Amanpreet Kaur organized a one Day Workshop on current trends in signal and image processing on 6 November 2015 in collaboration with Designtech Systems (Mathswork). The emphasis was given on Signal Processing, Image Processing toolboxes. 30 students from B.Tech (ECE) and M.Tech (ECE) took part in the workshop. Some modules on Electronics and Signal processing were taught and their simulink models were explained and designed. Students found it helpful in handling projects and trainings based on signal and image processing.

    Date of visit: 30.9.2015
    Faculty Coordinators: Ms. Anjali Garg, Dr. Nitin Malik
    An industrial visit to Traction Substation, Chanakyapuri was organized by EECE Dept. for B.Tech EE 5th semester and EEE 7th students (total of 38 students). The substation gets supply at 400 kV from Dhaulakuan and then it is stepped down at 25KV and further transmitted to Chanakyapuri Railway Station (Northern Railways). It was an educationally enlightening visit with practical application giving a real insight into working and functioning of a traction substation. The students were given a chance to visit the switchyard and explained each and every part of protection circuits and different components installed there and how the maintenance of the traction substation takes place. Having a real life experience of different electrical components like circuit breaker, current transformer, Lightning Arrester, Capacitor Voltage Transformer, capacitor banks, battery banks, automatic control of substation via SCADA and their working allowed the students have better understanding of these components which they studied only in their books.

         ncu   ncu

  • Industrial Visit to Alcatel- Lucent on 28th September 2015
    Date: 28th September 2015
    Participants: Students from B.Tech 5th Sem ECE and M.Tech 1st Sem ECE
    Faculty: Ms. Amanpreet Kaur, Ms. Nidhi Sharma and Ms.Ashu Gautam
    The students visited Alcatel –Lucent on 28th September 2015 along with faculty members to get the idea how the practical things happening around and how the communication actually takes place with the latest technologies like GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G and various other aspects related to company work culture .Alcatel-Lucent was the first company to manufacture Digital Switching Equipment in local partnership with ITI. Since then, as a leader across mobile, fixed, IP & Optics domains, we offer end to end solutions that help their customers realize the potential of a connected world. Alcatel-Lucent India today is a trusted partner for service providers, enterprises, defence, energy and transportation providing solutions across voice and data communications.
    This visit gave students the practical exposure to GSM and CDMA and its components, Networking, 3G and to gain the knowledge of how the BSC, MSC, GGSN, SGSN nodes work in practical scenario. The students found the visit very informative and helped to bridge the industry- academia gap.


  • Industrial visit to Sona Koyo Steering

    An industrial visit was organized for B.Tech 6th sem students on 4th March,2016 to Sona koyo Steering.The Sona Group has engineering capabilities in the areas of electronic power steering, machining and assembly, precision forging, cold & hot forging and heat treatment. The Group’s range of products primarily consists of steering and driveline components for the automotive OEM segment namely passenger cars, utility vehicles, commercial vehicles and specialty vehicles. The students also got opportunity to visit Research and development lab. This was coordinated by Pankaj Rakheja, Mandeep Singh and Ms Nidhi Sharma.


  • Industrial visit to Krishna Maruti on 26th Feb, 2016

    An industrial visit was organized for B.Tech 6th sem students on 26th Feb, 2016 to Krishna Maruti Ltd. Sector 3, IMT Manesar. This visit was useful for students to give them practical exposure to Manufacturing of Electronics Components of Car and Assemblies for Motor Vehicles and their Engines, Stamping etc. which they study in their course curriculum. This was coordinated by Pankaj Rakheja, Sidharth Bhatia and Ms Amanpreet Kaur.



  • Industrial Visit to Nokia Siemens Networks


    On 26th Feb,2016  EECE conducted an Industrial visit to Nokia Siemen’s Networks, NSN , Cyber Greens  in DLF Phase 3 in Gurugram. Around 30 students of 6th semester ECE and M.Tech ECE were taken for the visit to understand the concepts of Wireless and Mobile Communications better. The students were first told about the components of GSM and the working of each of them and WCDMA and LTE in the company conference hall and then they were shown all these in their labs. The students were very interactive and asked a lot of questions. The technical person, Mr Kashif, also gave the students his phone number and mail id  in case they have any queries regarding the content of the visit. Overall a very fruitful visit with which the students were very happy. The visit was coordinated by Ms Anita Sharma, Ms Mona Aggarwal and Ms Naresh Kumari.

    A group of 20 students of B.Tech 4th semester EECE visited Napino Automobiles and Electronics Ltd., IMT, Manesar on 25 February, 2016. This industrial visit was coordinated by Ms. Pooja Saberwal and Ms. Shaveta Arora.The visit was initiated by an interactive session of company’s introduction given by Head Corporate-HR, Napino Auto and Electronics Ltd. The company is a leading supplier of wire harnesses, capacitor Discharge Ignitors, Regulators, Rectifiers and Combination switches. Its major customers are Hero Moto-corps Ltd, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter Ltd and Inteva products. After this students were taken for a company tour. They were firstly taken to a place where all the child parts like wires, connectors, terminals etc were kept sequentially. Eventually, they were taken to see the assembling of wire harnesses. Then they went to design and testing lab where they were explained about the surface mount technology (SMT) and principles of various machines. They also observed the automated and physical mounting on the PCBs.It was a very nice and educational experience all together. Head-HR explored the possibility of summer internship in the electronics section of the company. He motivated the students and discussed about the future opportunities in the company.


  • Industrial Visit AutoExpo on 9th February 2016

    Department of EECE organized one day industrial visit of B.Tech (ECE) 3rd year students to AutoExpo 2016, on 9th February 2016. This visit gave them practical exposure to what’s new the vehicles are imparting for Go Green drive, network management for new driverless car, which are the part of their curriculum. The visit was coordinated by Ms Pooja Sabherwal, Ms Kusum Grewal Dangi and Mr Nitin Garg.


  • Industry Visit To Gas Insulated Powergrid Substation (Gurugram)

    The industry visit has been organized for EE 4th sem students to GIS Substation, Sohna Road, Gurugram  on 25th Jan’16.
    Faculty Coordinators:  Jyothi Varanasi  , Pavan Ketherpal
    This SUBSTATION is made to overcome the electricity crises and to meet the power demand of Gurugram region at Haryana. Presently this SUBSTATION consists of 2 x 315MVA, 400/220kV Transformers which will deliver power of approximately > 550MW. The supply is step downed by two nos. of 315MVA Transformer from 400kV to 220kV & is fed to Haryana Vidyut Parashan Nigam Limited (HVPNL) by four outgoing feeders.This project is equipped with latest technology of GIS System, GIS stands for Gas Insulated Switchgear in which switchgear assemblies (CB, DS, ES, CT, PT etc.) are enclosed in a metal enclosed chamber which in filled with gas( SF6 gas) and the enclosure is earthed. The total land used in this project is 9.5 acres.In this substation double bus single Breaker scheme has been used.The metal enclosure is made of non-corrosive aluminium. Due to light weight of aluminium, costly foundations are no longer required.


  • EECE department conducted a mock aptitude test for the final year M Tech students of ECE, Embedded Systems and VLSI and final year B Tech students of ECE and EE on 24th September at 2.30 PM. This is in preparation for the placement drive of TCS scheduled in October 2015. Around 120 students sat for the test which was conducted in rooms 201,220,221 and 222. It was coordinated by Ms Anita Sharma (Assistant Professor)
  • Industrial Visit to Napino Automobiles and Electronics Ltd
    An industrial visit was organised for B.Tech students to Napino Automobiles and Electronics Ltd., IMT, Manesar on 28 October 2015, coordinated by Ms. Sharda Vashisth, Ms. Amanpreet kaur and Ms. Kusum Dangi. The  objective of the trip was to make students understand the usage of rectifiers, regulators, igniters, capacitors, wire harnesses, combination switches in the industry and also to explore the possibility of summer internship in the electronics section of the company.


  • ECE Department organized a Guest Lecture on “Thin Film: Its Characterization and Application” by Dr. Ashok Kumar Assistant professor, Materials Science Department, N.I.T Kurukshetra on 18th September, 2015 Btech and Mtech Students. Dr. Ashok discussed different characterization techniques of thin film and its use in research and industry. The purpose of Dr. Ashok Kumar visit was to start possible collaboration of our faculties with N.I.T Kurukshetra. He explored the Nanotechnology facilities available at N.I.T Kurukshetra so NCU faculties can find matching with their research area. It was coordinated by Dr. Vinay Budhraja (Associate Professor) 

    Guest Lecture on “Thin Film: Its Characterization and Application”

  • ECE Department organized a Seminar/Talk on “Perovskite Photoanode for Dye Sensitized Solar Cell” by Ms. Astrid Placke, HAWK University, Germany on 18th September, 2015 for Btech and Mtech Students. The purpose of Ms. Astrid Placke visit is to provide the information to final year B.Tech and M.Tech students who want to go for higher studies in Germany. Our students’ interacted with Ms. Placke and gave good glimpse of Indian culture in campus life. In her talk she also provided useful information regarding the admission, work culture, academic life in German universities for international students

    Seminar/Talk on “Perovskite Photoanode for Dye Sensitized Solar Cell”

  • IEEE NCU Students Chapter organized a Guest Lecture on “Role of IEEE in Technical Education” for EECE Students on 17.9.2015. The Resource Person was Dr. Prerna Gaur – Associate Professor, NSIT, Delhi and Chairperson IEEE Women in Engineering. She explained the students about IEEE and its importance In Technical Education. The students found the session to be highly informative and useful. It was coordinated by Ms Pooja Sabarwal and Mr. Pavan Khetrapal, Assistant Professor, EECE Department.

    Guest Lecture on “Role of IEEE in Technical Education”

  • On 17th September  a webinar  on ‘Career Guidance’ was conducted by EECE department  where the seminar was conducted by one of our alumni, Mr Vishal Gupta, a 2005 pass out. The webinar was organized by Ms Anita Sharma and Ms Nidhi Sharma for the final year students and was held keeping in view the requirement of final year students for someone to guide them in choosing the right career and even the courses for further studies. Around 34 students attended the webinar. They even asked the questions which were promptly answered by their senior, much to their satisfaction. It was a very interactive session enjoyed by both the parties.

    Webinar on “Career Guidance”

  • A workshop was conducted on 31st August, 2015, in room 303 on LATEX. The workshop was organized by E-Club coordinated by Ms Anita Sharma for the students of B.Tech and M.Tech. It was conducted by Mr Naman Joshi. Around 30 students attended the workshop on the latest document tool along with some faculty members. The students got some hands on experience on the tool and an advanced workshop will be conducted in near future due to good student response.


    Workshop on LATEX

  • IEEE NCU Students chapter successfully organized a Mock Aptitude Test for Final Year Engineering Students on 27.8.2015 so as to prepare them for placement drives. Around 73 students from various branches participated in the event and came with a feedback that such an activity must be regularly organized so as to analyze their performance in Aptitude part. 

    Mock aptitude test

    Mock Aptitude Test for Final Year Engineering Students

  • A Industrial Visit to “Semiconductor Laboratory- Chandigarh” for .Tech. I Year (VLSI Design)
    Day & Date    : Wed., 15th Apr. 2015
    Time               : 12:30AM to 5:30PM
    Venue             : Semiconductor Laboratory- Chandigarh

    Coordinator – Faculty
    Dr. Vinay Budhraja, Associate Professor, Department of EECE
    Dr. Neeraj Kr. Shukla, Associate Professor, Department of EECE
    Ms. Amanpreet Kaur, Assistant Professor, Department of EECE

    Major activity areas of SCL Chandigarh are:



    • Semiconductors: VLSI Design, MEMS, Process Technology, IC Packaging
    • Electronic Systems: Electronic systems
    • System Reliability: R&QA, Environmental testing, Component screening
    • Technical Support Services: Cleanrooms, HVAC, Electrical systems, High purity systems, Environment, safety etc.
  • A Industrial Visit to 66KV GRID SUBSTATION Participants: EEE 4th  semester Students Date: 14-4-2015
    35 Nos of EEE 4 th Semester Undergraduate Engineering students  visited the 66 KV Grid Substation to have working experience of Power Distribution System, where they observed the following major equipment’s:

    The students found the visit very informative and interesting as it gave them  an insight of a  power distribution system.

    ss photograph

    • Incoming 66 KV  lines
    • Lightening Arrestors
    • 16 MVA Step Down  Main Power Transformers connected to 11KV Bus Bars, through Current Transformers ( CT ), Potential Transformers(PT),
    • KV SF6 circuit breakers & Isolators
    • Capacitor Banks to correct the power Factor
    • Control Room housing no. of Distribution Panels
    • 220 V Battery set up, essential auxiliaries required to operate in case of power failure.

    Mr. Gian Chandra
    Mr Pavan  Khetrapal




  • Best Paper Award:Dr Prabhat and Ms Pooja Sabherwal got best paper award in ICEIT conference on Advances in Mobile Communication, Networking and computing, held in April 2015.
  • Ms Mona Aggarwal, Assistant Professor, EECE had been selected to participate in Research Opportunities Week (ROW) to be held from October 26-30, 2015 at the Technische University München (TUM), Germany. The interdisciplinary scientific board at TUM was impressed by her credentials and found her candidature to be worthy of Postdoc Mobility Travel Grant. The TUM  offered her a fully financed travel grant of 10-00 euros which including travel expenses, accommodation, and some meals.
  • 4 students of EECE Dept won 1st prize on IEEE day celebration held on 10 October, 2014 at Gautam Buddha University, Noida
  • Ms. Shivani Garg and Amit Kumar M.Tech.(VLSI), 2nd year got placed in Mentor Graphics with 10 lac/annum package.
  • Ms. Komal Mtech (VLSI), 2nd year is working as trainee in Cadence Systems, Noida.
  • Mr. Nitish of Final Year ECE 2015 filed patent regarding woman protection against crime, named “Suraksha” as is provisionally accepted with patent No. 2678/DEL/2013. He is also awarded a cash prize of Rs. 10000/- by DST Haryana for scoring 2nd position in the social cause project.
  • Mr. Nitish of Final Year ECE got second prize of cash amount 10,000/- by DST Young Thinkers award.
  • Ms. Sasha Garg of final year 2015 received IEEE J K Pal Memorial Award in April 2015
  • Mr Sulabh Kumra of EI  2009-2013 batch did MS in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology USA
  • Mr. Sidharth Sehra  of EEE of final year got admission for higher studies  in  EMLYON University ,France
  • SPIE: Ms Manica got student grant of $2500 to participate in SPIE Optics and photonics meeting & student chapter leadership workshop on 8th August 2015 at USA

    Manika Kathuria at optics and Photonics Conference at San Diego, USA

  • GRIDTECH 2015(5th International Exhibition & Conference)

    The students of NCU made the university proud again as they surprised the global leaders in electrical domain and the top most colleges of India by marking their presence and securing the 2nd runners up position in student’s innovation pavilion held in GRIDTECH 2015 (5th International Exhibition & Conference) at ITPO, PragatiMaidan, New Delhi from 8th to 10th APRIL, 2015. They were also rewarded with appreciation and cash prize.The final year ECE students namely HimanshuVaswani, Yash Gupta, Sumit Gupta demonstrating Dexto:Eka (The humanoid Robot) stunned the crowd by presenting in front of them something that is never seen in such a competition. They had the wonderful opportunity of being in the presence of eminent delegates from all over the world. The student Innovation Pavilion was conceived to reward innovative projects from around the country, where entries from over 5000 institutions around the country were invited by Powergrid Corporation of India (PGCIL).