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Departmental Library

Besides Central library of the University, department has its own library, which is easily accessible to the research scholars, B.Tech and M.Tech students, faculty and technical staff members and it helps them regarding their varied academic requirements. Full-time research scholars of the university find this place especially useful, as they can refer to the research papers of their seniors and faculty members there. Moreover, research scholars and students can download the research papers from various websites including IEEE website using the desktops provided with internet facility in the library.

Department Library Resources

  • Copy of the books related to the field of Electrical, Electronics and Communications which is available in Central library, has been kept for quick reference.
  • Tutorial Sheets of all the subjects of the department.
  • Previous years’ minor and major question papers(B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD) for reference of students.
  • Syllabus booklets for all EECE department programmes, namely B.Tech ECE, B.Tech EE, M.Tech ECE, M.Tech VLSI and M.Tech Embedded
  • Reference Modules on various subjects like Analog Electronics, Electronic Devices etc. from IIT Delhi
  • Hard copies of some journals
  • Research Papers record of both faculty & students :
    • Published in journals
    • Presented in conferences
  • Laboratory Record:
    • Lab Manuals (B.Tech, M.Tech)
    • Software operating manuals
  • Students Projects
    • Sample project reports
    • Sample project log books
  • Students Training
    • Sample Training reports
    • Sample Training Diaries
  • VA Courses Record
    • Syllabus
    • Students’ Feedback
  • IGATE (ITMU General Knowledge Aptitude Technical
    • Workbooks of all semesters
  • Department Magazine – LiveWire
  • Miscellaneous
    • Sample Question Papers for Placement
    • Question Bank for GATE preparation
    • Faculty Training material
    • Students’ Exit Feedback
  • Desktops
  • Access to Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Access to e-journals