In which year B.Tech (CSE), M.Tech (CSE) started?

The courses started on the following dates:

* B.Tech (CSE) – 1996
* M.Tech (CSE) – 2006

What is the Mission & Vision of the Department?

The Department embodies the Institute's commitment to making profound and lasting contribution to the society, by cherishing and pursuing the exalted goal of nurturing "Educated Indian Citizens" with well-honed faculties, a powerful sense of fitness, a profound belief in democratic ideas and eclectic mind. The objective of the Department is to provide high-end professional education for developing human resources with highly specialized knowledge and skills in the field of Computer Science Engineering & Information Technology. The Department has always been marching ahead on the development path with the vision to provide SMART (Simple, Moral, Accountable, Responsive, and Transparent) education to individuals who can meet the increasing challenges of the professional society. Keeping pace with the advancements and enhancements of the current technological trends both the curricula and the infrastructure are constantly restructured and upgraded.

For all programs, who will give the degree?

The NorthCap University, Gurugram provides the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree for all programs.

Weather B.Tech(CSE) is accredited by NBA?

Yes, B.Tech(CSE) is accredited by NBA.

What is the admission procedure of each program?

For all courses, please refer to university's website  www.ncuindia.edu

What kind of infrastructure and facilities are available in the department?

The dept has following labs:
CSE LAB I     PC-50, Laser Jet Network Printer - 1, Scanner-1, OH Projector-8, LCD Projector - 2
CSE LAB II     PC-25, Laser Jet Network Printer - 1
CSE LAB III     PC-27, Laser Jet Network Printer - 1, Scanner - 1, Multimedia Kit - 27
CSE LAB IV -A     PC-25, Laser Jet Network Printer - 1
CSE LAB IV - B     PC-25, Laser Jet Network Printer - 1
CSE LAB V     PC-30, Laser Jet Network Printer - 1
CSE LAB VI     PC-30, Laser Jet Network Printer - 1
CSE LAB VII     PC-30, Laser Jet Network Printer - 1
CSE LAB VIII     PC-30, Laser Jet Network Printer - 1
CSE LAB IX     PC-30, Laser Jet Network Printer - 1

What kind of faculty does the Department have?

All the faculty members are on regular basis.

What are the avenues in the Department to develop co and extra curricular activities?

* Cerebration
* Momentum
* Tech Fest
* Sports Complex
* Medical Care Unit
* Yoga Practice Session
* Cafeteria

What are the scholarship facilities in the Department?

Scholarships are awarded as per The NorthCap University scholarship rules.

What are the various student amenities & services?

Following are the activities of students with the department

* GRE Cell
* GATE Cell
* GMAT Cell

What is the Quality policy of the Department?

To impart learning of the highest standards, in the disciplines we have chosen through a blend of theory, practice and performance. We endeavour to seek excellence in our academic activities and in all services we provide to improve the quality of life of our students and the community we serve.

What about the Hostel facilities?

There are 2 Girls Hostels and 2 Boys Hostel and all are located within a range of 1 Km from the University. The hostels have the following facilities:

* Internet Facility
* Power Backup
* Entertainment / Sports Complex

Inside The NorthCap University, where is the Department located?

The Department is located on the 1st floor of the Campus.

What are the various Lab names and what is their location?


CSE UG Lab I 1st Floor
CSE UG Lab II 1st Floor
CSE UG Lab III 1st Floor
CSE UG Lab IV 1st Floor
CSE UG Lab VI 1st Floor
CSE UG Lab VII 1st Floor
CSE UG Lab VIII 1st Floor
CSE PG Lab I  1st Floor
CSE PG Lab II 1st Floor
CSE PG Lab III 3rd Floor
CSE PG Lab IV 3rd Floor
HPC Lab 1st Floor