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Students and the faculty of the department are actively involved in various extension activities. Department has various societies such as MATHEMACTIVE, ENACTUS, and OSA Student Chapter under which many events and workshops were organised for the students successfully. The main objective of professional societies is to develop skills in technical and non-technical fields, beyond the classroom and to encourage professional networking and exposure to the professional world. A brief is as under:


A student chapter of the Enactus Society. It is an international organization that connects students, academics and business leaders through entrepreneurial-based projects that empower people to transform opportunities into real, sustainable progress for themselves and their community. Team submitted new project ‘’Ehssas’’ in KPMG Business Ethics Grant on 20th September 15. The project is based on segregation of dry and wet waste at source level. Dry waste will thereafter be sent to recycling unit. For this students visited weekends in different communities in Gurugram such as sector 56 and DLF Phase-4. Wet wasted would be converted into manure either by simple composting method or Vermi-compositing method.

For more information on Enactus refer to the link

Faculty coordinator - Dr Dipti Vaya



"Mathemactive", the Maths society of NCU (Formerly ITM University), was envisaged by Applied Sciences and Humanities Department in 2008 with a vision to promote and facilitate the knowledge and applicability of Maths in various fields and encourage the students to participate and drive out their inherent fears of mathematics being a ‘tough’ subject and subsequently increase their ‘mathematical quotient’ which forms the crux of most competitive exams as well

It aims to organize events, seminars and workshops every year to extend the scope of the mathematics and provide the students an opportunity to learn new things. Some of the events are:

Faculty coordinator - Prof. Kalika Srivastava & Dr Anshu Malhotra


OSA Student Chapter

To promote optics activity in the campus a student chapter as The NorthCap University OSA Student Chapter has been officially approved by the Member and Education Services (MES) Council of OSA on 29.10.2015. Mr Yash Yadav Chapter President, and other, members are Ms. Vishu Singh, Mr Tushar Arora, Mr Vineet Jain, Ms. Sushma Y and Mr Nikhil Yadav (all Ist Sem CSE students) and Dr Hukum Singh is the Chapter Adviser of the University.

Some more benefits: OSA student member benefits support academic studies, power of research and provide opportunities that will propel career in optics and photonics.

For more information visit the link:

Faculty Coordinator:  Dr Hukum Singh