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Research and Publications

It is imperative, as an academician and scholar, to keep trying to better oneself and remain abreast of the advancement in one's field of study. To this end, the faculty in the Department are constantly working on research in their respective areas of specialization. They make a steady contribution of research papers and other publications to periodicals of national and international repute. These form a prized treasure of the Department's stock of scholarship.  

Name of the Faculty Broad Research Area

Prof Kalika Srivastava

Functional Analysis

Dr Phool Singh

Computational Fluid Dynamics. Optical Image Processing & Neuroscience

Dr Sangeet Srivastava

Mathematical and Stochastic Modelling, CFD, Pattern Recognition

Dr Amita Bhagat

Queueing Theory

Dr Anshu Malhotra

Discrete Mathematics & Graph Theory

Dr Seema Thakran

Algebraic Coding Theory, Information Theory & Cryptography
Dr Ghulam Mohammad Ring Theory, Algebraic Coding Theory, Quantum Codes, Graph Theory and Derivations on Rings
Ms Kanika Gujral -

Dr  Hukum Singh

Photoacoustic Spectroscopy, Optics (Optical Information Processing, Image Encryption, Fractional Fourier Transform-based on Signal Processing)

Dr Ambika Devi

Phase Change Memory Materials, particularly Chalcogenide Glasses

Dr Sunita Sharma

Photovoltaics, Materials science, Nonlinear Optics


Dr Deepti Vaya

Photocatalysis, Nanotechnology

Dr Bharti Arora

Biophysical and Biochemical aspects of Nucleic Acids,  Bioinformatic approaches to

determine the functionality of  Genomic DNA sequences.

Dr Aditya Sharma

Biosensors, Cancer diagnostics and Nanomaterials synthesis

Dr Tejpal Singh Chundawat

Stereo-Selective Catalysts and Chiral Catalysts in Synthetic Chemistry