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Physics laboratory

Physics laboratory is well-equipped laboratory of the Applied Science & Humanities Department. Physics laboratory is equipped with -  Various experimental set-up like hall effects, four probe, e/m, ionization potential, Newton rings, Plank constant etc.  Instruments like-sonometer, Calendar and Griffith bridge, post office box, Carey-Foster bridge, B-H curve tracer, Galvanometers of different types etc. Physics lab-work is compulsory to the B.Tech. students of all the disciplines. This laboratory provides an opportunity to enhance the practical knowledge through its various experiments to be . performed in two semesters by the students. The list of the experiments to be performed is in accordance to the M.D. University. The most of the experiments have many engineering applications and are the integral part of the curriculum of an engineering student.  


In the first semester, the students are exposed to -

  • Various methods to find the wave length of monochromatic source and wave lengths present in the white source.
  • Methods to find out some properties of sounds and solids.
  • This laboratory contains one separate dark room to perform the experiments of light.


In the second semester the students learn about -

  • Various method to find out the resistances comprising low to high values.
  • Techniques to find out various electrical properties of materials like band gap, V-I characteristics, hall coefficients etc.


Lab Manual 

The physics experiments prescribed by the university for its first semester students of all disciplines are described in detail in this lab-manual. Necessary theories with diagrams, physical constants and questions with their answers which are generally asked in the via-voce examination, are included to empower the knowledge of the students.  


Dr. Hukum Singh


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