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During the twentieth century, chemists were able to synthesize all possible chemicals found in the nature. While this has been a dazzling accomplishment by the mankind, the information and education of the materials and molecules in the subject area of toxicity and eco-toxicity has been completely neglected. As a result, chemistry has long been practiced without ensuring that harmful consequences are avoided for people and environment. These errors of twentieth century can no longer be allowed to persist in twenty first century, particularly when the issues related to sustainability are of grave concern. In such a scenario, the approach of Green Chemistry comes as a major respite. By designing chemistry at molecular level, Green Chemistry provides a preventive medicine for the environment.  

Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities of the Institute of Technology and Management, Gurugram ( Haryana ), organized the Conference ‘ Revolution in Chemistry: Green Chemistry’. This conference was sponsored by AICTE, CSIR and Royal Society of Chemistry, London. The basic aim of the Conference was to integrate the knowledge available in the area of ‘Green Chemistry’ with all research and development planning related to chemistry, for eco-friendly and sustainable development. The present proceedings which highlights the state- of-the – art and future prospects of green chemistry research, may contribute towards serving this objective as well as encouraging the chemists for facilitating further promotion of ‘Green Chemistry’ which will benefit all of us.

The list of speakers included the renowned experts from the leading organizations like IIT, Madras, IIT, Roorkee, University of Delhi, CRRI,New Delhi, IARI, New Delhi, TERI, New Delhi, Indian Association for Cultivation of Science, Kolkata and other prominent institutes from NCR which indicated the tremendous interest generated by the field ‘ Green Chemistry’ not only among the Indian scientists but the scientists all over the world.

All in all, the conference was a great success and most of the participants were of the opinion that such conferences should be held on a regular basis.