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Engg. Maths-I


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Numerical Methods


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Engg. Chemistry


Environment Studies


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Legal English


Business Communication


Business Maths


Business Statistics


Survey method & data Analysis


Business Stats


English –II


Business communication


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Short Syllabus

Engineering Maths I (ASL 101)

Convergence and divergence, comparison test, D’Alembert’s ratio test, integral test, Raabe’s test, logarithmic and Cauchy root test, Gauss’s test , Alternating series , absolute convergence, Differential Calculus, and partial differentiation, Taylor’s and Maclaurin’s series, Function of two or more variables, limit and continuity, partial derivatives, total differential and differentiability, derivatives of composite and implicit functions, jacobians, higher order partial derivatives, homogeneous functions, Euler’s theorem and applications, integral calculus and its application, Vector calculus     

Engineering Maths II (ASL 102)

Ordinary differential equations of first order and first degree, Application of First order and first degree Linear Differential equation of higher order,  variation of parameters, Cauchy's, Legendre's and simultaneous linear differential equation and its applications, Laplace transforms and its properties, Laplace transforms of derivatives, integrals, unit step function, unit impulse function and periodic function, convolution theorem, application to linear differential equations, Conditions for a Fourier expansion, Fourier expansion of odd and even functions, square wave, rectangular wave, saw-toothed wave, half and full rectified wave , Fourier integrals, Fourier transforms of derivatives,  integrals,  Dirac-delta function, Convolution theorem, ,  Formation of partial differential equations,  linear and non-linear partial differential equation, Charpit’s method.

Engineering Maths III (ASL 201)

Matrices: Inverse, Rank, Solution of a system of linear equations: Direct and Iterative method, Eigen value and Eigen Vectors and its applications, Matrix decomposition: Singular value decomposition, LU decomposition and its application, Functions of complex variable: Definition, Exponential and Trigonometric functions, Hyperbolic and Logarithmic functions, Limit and continuity of a function, Differentiability and analyticity of a function, Cauchy – Riemann equations, Necessary and sufficient condition for a function to be analytic, Polar form of C – R equations, Harmonic functions, Integration of complex functions, Cauchy Integral Theorem and Formula, Power series, radius and circle of convergence, Taylor’s and Maclaurian’s series, Laurent’s series, Zeroes and singularities of complex functions, Residues and Residue Theorem, Evaluation of integrals using residues (around unit and semi – circle only) , Introduction to Probability, Conditional Probability, Baye’s theorem and its applications, Expected value of a random variable, Properties and applications of Binomial distributions, Properties and applications of Poisson distributions, Properties and applications of Normal distributions.

Numerical Methods (ASL 210)

Roots of Non-linear and transcendental Equations, Matrices and Simultaneous linear equations, Interpolation and curve fitting, Numerical differentiation and integration, Numerical solution of ordinary differential equations, Numerical solutions of partial differential equations


Engineering Physics (ASL 121)

Relativistic Mechanics, Electromagnetics, Interference, Diffraction, Polarization, Laser, Fibre optics, and Holography, Quantum physics

Engineering Materials (ASL 128)

Section A: Crystal structure, Free electron theory, Band theory of solids, Magnetic Materials, Dielectric Materials.

Section B: Semiconductor Materials, Basics of Optical Information Technology. 

Section C: Semiconductor Materials, Electronic Circuits and Devices.

Section D: Ceramic and Building Materials, Production and measurement of  (i) low temperature and (ii) high and low pressure.

Note: Section A is common to all branches. Section B is meant for CSE only. Section C is meant for ECE only. Section D is meant for CE.

Engineering Chemistry ( ASL-130)  LTP :212

Fundamental of thermodynamic, Derivation of Entropy, Gibbs Helmholtz and ClausiusClapeyron Equation.Fuel and Combustion, Catalysis, Hardness and its determination by EDTA method, Alkalinity of water, Softening and desalination of water. Chemistry of Engineering Material(Cement, Polymers, Alloys and Composites), Properties and classification of lubricants, Electrochemical corrosion, factor effecting and prevention methods of corrosion. Beer Lambart law, Principal, Instrumentation and application of UV spectroscopy, IR, TGA, DTA.Conductometric titration


Environment Studies (ASL-150) LTP :210

Definition, scope and importance, Need for Public awareness, Renewable and non-renewable resources: Natural resources and associated problems, Forest resources: Use and overexploitation: deforestation, case studies, Timber exploitation, mining, dams and their effects and forests tribal people, Water resources: Use and over-utilization of surface and ground water, floods, drought, conflicts over water, dams-benefits and problems, Ecosystem, Concept of an ecosystem, Structure and function of an ecosystem, Producers, consumers and decomposers, Biodiversity and its conservations, Role of an individual in prevention of pollution, Pollution case studies, Social issues and the Environment, Human population and the Environment, Field Work