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Centre for Languages Learning


To be a sought-after Centre for Language Learning that employs novel methodologies to encourage appropriate use of language in order to reconcile the varying demands of communication in the modern socio-economic milieu.


  1. To provide language proficiency so that the students are empowered to function confidently in the international and intercultural environment in which they live and work.
  2. To promote holistic development of students by imbibing moral values and professional ethics.
  3. Encourage students to develop critical-thinking abilities to study and learn a foreign language thus enhancing their employability prospects.
  4. Inspire students to use language as a powerful tool of communication that enables them to act independently and freely.

Programme Highlights

Stimulating Curriculum

An enriched curriculum catering to the needs of industry for providing effective Communication Skills to the students. The language courses have been designed keeping in mind the changing global patterns in business and communication.

Experienced Faculty

The Centre is rich in intellectual Capital. It has highly qualified, motivating and inspiring pool of faculty resource and excellent learning environment.

Compulsory Foreign Language

Centre provides an exclusive opportunity to students to learn one foreign language out of Spanish, German & French which is compulsory for all the undergraduate students of all the three schools. It opens new vistas for the students.

Enhancing Creative Skills

Our courses cater to the holistic development of the students. Performance is improved by developing cognitive skills. Students are challenged to come up with creative thoughts that broaden up their thought process and build confidence.

Co-Curricular Activities

Centre runs various clubs that provide a platform to students to polish their speaking skills. Students participate in debates, extempore, quiz competitions, group discussions and presentation delivery, conducted by clubs intermittently.

Value Based Courses

Our value-based courses impart moral & ethical values like honesty and integrity, and develop positive attitude, which is a must for personal and professional growth. The students learn their responsibility towards society and prepare themselves to maintain work-life and personal life harmony.

Soft Skills

Advance course on Soft Skills formally introduces students to set their effective and measureable goals and works on grooming, positive behavior and etiquette for professional endeavor. It also focuses on developing leadership skills.

Training Programmes

Centre organizes in-house Management Development Programmes and Faculty Development Programmes on Communication Skills and also for industry personnel.

State-Of-The-Art Laboratories

Language Laboratory helps students to enhance their communication skills and bring variety in teaching learning process. Thought Lab stimulates the minds of students to create pure, positive and creative thoughts. For first time in India, a lab is introduced to induce positivity in students and also helps them to deal with stress.

HOD's Message

Dr Payal Khurana Head of the Centre

Possessing good communication skills is of utmost importance in today’s world. The Centre for Languages Learning was formed with the aim of providing students the required knowledge and effective communication skills so that they achieve excellence in their respective fields.

At The NorthCap University, we have students coming from diverse backgrounds possessing different speaking and writing abilities. The English Section of the Centre seeks to cater to these diverse needs of the students of NCU by offering them the opportunity to read widely and to express themselves effectively both orally and in writing. The Centre offers courses in Communication Skills, which enables the students to acquire abilities which are desired globally. The curriculum of these courses is well-developed and stimulating, and enhances the skills from employability perspective as well. The faculty members associated with the Centre are highly qualified and trained, and are committed to provide excellent standards of teaching by focusing on writing, reading, speaking and listening skills. Our state-of- the-art Language laboratory also helps in enhancing the speaking and listening skills of the students thereby making them industry ready.

We are proud to offer Thought Lab for the cognitive development of our students. It is an innovative concept introduced for the first time in India. Thought Lab helps in developing creating pure, positive and creative thoughts in students. Students will learn to adopt positivity and deal with stress.

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Our Faculty

Dr Payal Khurana Head & Assistant Professor (Selection Grade)
Dr Divyabha Assistant Professor (Selection Grade)
Dr Shrutimita Mehta Assistant Professor (Sr Scale)

Events & Achievements

Round Table Conference
Value Based lecture on ‘Self-Empowerment for success in life’
Altercation – The Great Debate 2018