Programme Educational Objectives (PEO’s)

1. Professional efficiency

To develop the art of lawyering, including such skills as research, writing, legal analysis, client counselling, negotiation and advocacy.
To intimately nurture the talent of the students by a team of distinguished Judges, Legal Practitioners and Consultants, Social Activist, Corporate Counsels and Faculty Members of law schools across the country.
2. Learning from practice

Provide opportunities which integrate substantive learning with the practice of law.
Assist students to build up confidence in practical lawyering situations.
3. Promote professional ethics and standards

Promote ethical practice of law by sensitizing students to issues of professional responsibility.

4. Scope for self-assessment

Enhance students’ understanding of their own individual strengths and weaknesses to facilitate self-assessment.

5. Enhance employability

Explore and understand specific issues relating to workplace such as time management, discipline, workplace culture, teamwork, giving and receiving feedback, and achieving balance in one’s life in a multidisciplinary environment.

6. Inculcate communication skills

To inculcate all the required skills such as Good oral and written communication skills, Analytical and Reasoning Skills, Initiative, Personal Impact, Resilience, Teamwork, Legal Awareness, Planning and organizing, through its innovative course matrix.
To develop the ability to work in a team and multidisciplinary environment with passion and commitment.
7. Promote self-directed and life–long learning

Continuously updating themselves in areas and technologies that are relevant to their career, participate in personal development and increasing their understanding of matters that are current and important to society at national and international levels.

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