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Deloitte eMaverick Competition 2017- NCU shines

Six students of The NorthCap University pitted against 19000 students from premier institutions across India to emerge victorious at Deloitte’s Engineering School Maverick held at the company’s Hyderabad office. This technology- centric competition provides students with an opportunity to showcase their technical, innovative and analytical acumen.

With three gruelling rounds held over a period of over one month thoroughly tested each student’s capabilities in Cyber Threat Competition (CCtV) and Data Analytics Insights and Visualization (D-AiV). The two top teams in each of these categories competed with over 800 teams from which ten teams were shortlisted for the final round in each category.

NCU Winners of D-AiV award

Both the winning teams were from NCU: The Deciders CCTC and Syllogist (DAiV) won cash prizes of Rs 1,50,000 /- each. Abhay, Abhishek and Muskan from CCTC team were given practical challenges in the area of Cyber Security.  They were judged on the basis of on the spot challenges in an isolated environment covering both attack and defence.Shivam,  Shefali and Shubham from D-AiV team were givena challenge in the form of a large and complex dataset and were judged on the basis of their ability to structure, evaluate, analyze, and identify patterns to derive insights and inferences from it.

NCU Winners of CCTC award

We extend a hearty congratulations to the winning team members who have brought great laurels to the University.