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BA Eco (Hons)


The underlying philosophy of BA Economics (H) course is to develop theoretical and analytical skills of the students in the area of economics and quantitative methods so that they could be able to pursue professional higher studies or join a professional career in economic research and policy formulation.


On completing this course: -

  • Graduates can join professional career in fields of banking, finance service, research and consultancy in private as well as Govt. owned companies of repute in India and abroad.
  • Graduates can pursue a relevant post-graduate study such as MBA, MBE, MA, M.Com, MFC and other professional courses.
  • Graduates will be informed and involved members of their communities, and responsible professionals.



By the end of the program, the students should be able to: -

  • Acquire in-depth knowledge and skills of economics and quantitative methods and apply it in economic research. (Sound Theoretical Base)
  • Understand the basic concepts of quantitative methods to apply in the study of other disciplines and prepare project reports.        (Quantitative Application in Economics and Business)
  • Understand the process of price and output decisions in product as well as factor market along with the behavior of a consumer of spending his limited income to fulfill various needs, and the basics of market failure and welfare economics.  (Microeconomics)
  • Understand the basic concepts of macro and monetary economics. (Macro and Monetary Economics)
  • Understand the performance and policies of various sectors of Indian economy, working of financial institutions, and India’s economic development process. (Basic Economic Issues of India)
  • Understand the basics fundamentals of international trade and functioning of world organizations. (Basics of International Trade)
  • Understand various environmental problems and their impact on society and business. (Environmental Study)
  • Communicate effectively in different business contexts and situations so as to be able to receive and give clear instructions, comprehend, write reports, prepare documentation and make effective presentations. (Communication)
  • Acquire the knowledge of specialized branch of economics for further specialization. (Specialization)