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Special lecture by Mylaw.net to the 1st year law students

Why are we studying law? What are the opportunities that lie ahead after obtaining our degrees? What do we do in these five years to get noticed by employers? Keeping in mind those concerns of young law students, we invited Mylaw.net to deliver a special lecture on “Professional Avenues for young Legal Professionals” on February 7, 2017, where Mr. Pratiksh Rai, Mr. Ankit Joseph and Mr. Kunal Mehra from Mylaw.net came and spoke to the 1st year BBA-LLB students. They discussed that there are very few ‘good’ corporate jobs available in the market compared the demand.

Therefore, the employers are looking for young lawyers who have acquired extra skillsets. They introduced to the students various newer learning tools to enhance their knowledge base. They also emphasized on the importance of moot courts and debates during the college days. The lecturing session was followed by an enthusiastic questioning session. A follow-up session would also take place soon on CV writing. Mylaw.net is an online learning platform and an initiative of Rainmaker – a nationally recognized learning, content, and test management company focused on the legal ecosystem.