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In today’s world, life without computers is inconceivable. Computers have a revolutionary impact on education and academic research. No wonder, law is any exception to that. Today, it is almost impossible to carry out quality research in law without the assistance of computers. To modernize legal research and equip the students in that direction, the Law School has a full fledged air-conditioned computer lab, which provides the students access to all important and updated databases. We have a dedicated technical support staff in maintaining the computer lab. The Law School will also be supported by the faculty of Department of Information Technology, The NorthCap University, for honing the soft skills of the students through regular courses and various other training programs.



The Law School encourages students to stay online for unlimited time, whenever they are in the campus. Towards this goal, the Law School encourages students to use laptops extensively which not only enhance their general computing skills but it helps them to work on their moot court memorials, projects, assignments or paper presentations with much ease. With this facility the students will no longer spend late hours in the University’s computer domes, instead, they can work in comfort from any place within the campus. Hence, as an additional feature, the campus has been made wire-free with the installation of Wi-Fi devices. The Law School strives to provide all such facilities to its students to ensure the best academic environment for enriching their cause of pursuing academic excellence. This would help the students to gear up for global competition.



The sporting and leisure facilities on campus are extensive. The University has well-laid out pitch for Cricket along with flood lights to organize day and night matches. At the same time, it has state-of-art Tennis lawns, Badminton, Volleyball, Football courts and fields. The NorthCap University organizes intra-college and inter college league tournaments in the various sports disciplines including athletics. Events like NCU Premier League (IPL) concerning Cricket are a delight to watch.

Apart from various outdoor games, facilities for indoor games like Table Tennis, Carom, and Chess are provided in the campus.



Quality accommodation, separate for boys and girls, on a shared basis with clean and hygienic dining facility is provided by the University to desirous students. The University hostels expose students to a variety of people, values and experiences. You’ll discover why it is one of the best places to study law as you make friends and develop contacts with mentors you’ll value for the rest of your life. NCU Hostel will provide you ample opportunity to move towards such association and keep-up the motto that education and stay, should go hand in hand in shaping your life. There is probably no other time in one’s life when you will live, work and study with so many other people. Living in a hostel will help our students develop sensitivity to those around them and learn consideration for one another as they will live and work together. The students’ welfare is taken care of by our trained, enthusiastic, motivated and committed hostel staff.

Hostels are equipped with all the necessary facilities for study and recreation. Both hostels and campus are strictly non-smoking zones and consumption of any category of alcohol is strictly prohibited. Students are permitted to visit their homes or local guardians at certain intervals. Keeping in view with the discipline and safety of the students, outing from the hostel is regulated. To make our students feel at home, we have provided the following facilities in our hostel:

  • Wi-fi connection.
  • Geysers
  • Continuous purified normal/cold drinking water.
  • Round the clock security.
  • First-Aid.
  • Common room with TV
  • Table-tennis and carom boards.

Parents of NCU Hostel students are welcome to get involved in every aspects of hostel life. Parents are kept informed about hostel life of their wards through phone calls and letters. The boarding establishment provides an opportunity for young people to live away from home in a democratic way. Every effort is made to provide atmosphere of natural Indian family in which these young people can fully grow. They are guided for sound relationship with their peers. We strive to create an environment that celebrates diversity by bringing students together in a community where differences are respected, but where there is a common goal to promote learning.

On a whole, it is a growing, mature experience from which students will benefit for the rest of their lives – what more, they will have a great time.



Campus life without eating joints is almost unconceivable. There are quite a few food joints at The NorthCap University. They are bustling with students’ enjoying with their pals during breaks. There is self-service air-conditioned University Cafeteria which offers a wide array of dishes from snacks to Chinese dishes to Indian Thalis. There are daily special menus. It is open throughout the day for coffee, breakfast, elevenses, lunches and afternoon tea. The cafeteria also includes a Whips and Shakes Centre which serves fresh fruit juices, shakes, etc. There is an Amul Parlour where students get the taste of various Amul products. Finally, at the Maggi Station students relish hot maggi and pasta along with other snacks and hot drinks. Despite the fact that the food courts are managed by independent contractors, food safety has been top-of-mind for the management for a number of years and they keep strict vigil over them. On the whole, the ambience at our food courts make eating a more enjoyable and satisfying experience.



Health concerns are arguably the most dominating consideration for guardians while keeping their wards away from home. In view of such contemplation, the authorities have established a health centre with full time (male and female) doctors available on the campus. Students are free to use this service, as and when required. Even the hostels have a stockpile of emergency drugs to meet any contingency.



Staying away from home also require students to get access to finance in a swift and safe at times of exigency. Hence, the The NorthCap University has collaborated with Syndicate Bank open a Branch for the convenience of the students. Hence, a university branch is in operation within the campus. A simplified process is in place for opening students’ accounts.



Students in the campus are always in need of numerous small yet indispensable items for the purpose of study. Realising such needs of the students, a stationery shop is in place to cater to the need of the students.