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Chief Justice, Third Environment Court, Valdivia, Chile visits School of Law

School of Law, Northcap University organised a visit by Dr. Micheal Hantke, Chief Justice, Third Environment Court, Valdivia, Chile on 28th March, 2017. He was accompanied by Professor Stephen Stec, who is a professor at Central European University.

Justice Micheal Hantkedelivered a lecture and addressed the students on practical issues about the relationship of Justice delivery and economics. He said that we live in an imperfect world and life is more complex than the theory of economics. Specialised tribunals should focus on Merit review of cases rather than judicial review. A judge while delivering Judgements has not only to interpret the law in the right direction but also has to access the impact of the decision. He also discussed cases from his bench for proper clarity of situations. Holistic Approach is the requirement of the day which is community based judgement.