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Ongoing Research Project
Ongoing Sponsored Research Projects
S.No PI & Department Project Title Scheme Duration        (yrs) Year of sanction Sanction in Rs. Lakhs
1 Dr Deepika Chaudhary (PI) Mentor :Dr Hukum Singh (APS) Study of optical and electrical properties of nanostructured glasses for application in optical recording media DST (WOSA) 3 2015 30.03
2 Dr. Phool Singh (APS) & Ms Jyotsna Singh (CSE) A computational model for STN (sub thalamic nucleus) in Parkinson Disease to investigate the discharge patterns DST (CSRI) 3 2015 19.30
3 Ms Rita Chhikara (CSE) Neural network based steganalysis DST (WOSA) 3 2015 20.51
4 Ms Vaishali Sahu (CE) Experimental and Numerical Study of Single Pile Capacity Adjacent to Existing Buried Pile System DST (WOSA) 3 2015 25.41
5 Dr. Akansha Singh (PI), Dr. Latika Singh, Ms. Sumanlata Gautam  Emotion recognition system for autistic children  DST (CSRI) 3 2016 18.27
6 Ms Chetna Tyagi (APS)  Study of Polymer nanocomposites for solar cell applications  DST (WOSA) 3 2016 24.30
7 Dr. Aditya Sharma (APS)  Lateral Flow Assay Strip Sensor Development for Non-Invasive Point of Care Diagnosis of Urinary Tract Infection  DST (SERB) Young Scientist  3 2016 42.02
8 Ms Geetika (CSE)  Phylogenetic Model for cancer classification  DST (WOSA) 3 2016 18.9
9 Ms Pooja Sabherwal (ECE) Delineation of QRS complex for feature extraction of Myocardial Infarction in single lead ECG signal DST (WOS-A) 3 2016 18.15