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Workshop on ‘CV Writing Skills and Career Guidance’

In the recent years, the legal profession has witnessed enormous diversification in job opportunities in corporate firms, companies, LPOs, etc. While the students take various initiatives to equip themselves for the changing professional environment, they at times fail to project themselves in an appropriate manner. Considering this problem, School of Law, NCU held a workshop with experts from on 19 April 2016, to train our students on curriculum-vitae (CV) writing and advise them about taking the right moves. Mr Kunal Mehra, Sr. Partner, had an interacive session with the Law students discussing about various nuances of the CVs and how to project oneself better in this competitive professional world. He cautioned the students that the employers may spare only 1-2 minutes for a CV and therefore, one has to build his/ her CV strategically to be noticed by the employer. He provided tips to highlight the success stories and also how to write cover letters. Students enthusiastically participated in the workshop.