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University Level Winter Faculty Development Programme 8 Dec 2016 - 14 Dec 2016

To enhance academic and intellectual environment and give opportunities to faculty members to update their pedagogical and research skills, a University level six day Faculty Development Programme was conducted on different themes and topics from 8 Dec-14 Dec 2016. Faculty from all the Schools and Departments participated in the FDP and learned from the insights of senior faculty members and eminent speakers.




Prof. Prem Vrat

Pro-Chancellor, Professor of Eminence & Chief Mentor, NCU

Pro-Chancellor, Prof. Prem Vrat, spoke about ‘Enhancing Learning Effectiveness in Higher Technical Education: Opportunities & Challenges’. The talk focused on a paradigm shift from conventional teaching centric education to learning centric approach and identified the need to manage learner diversity using educational technology for mass customization of technical education in India to exploit the ‘demographic dividend’. The FDP was organized on 8 Dec 2016 and coordinated by Dr Payal Khurana, CLL.


Prof. K L Chopra

 Padma Shri,

 SS Bhatnagar awardee

Former Director, IIT Kharagpur

Hon. Distinguished Research Professor, NCU

A stalwart of the scientific community, Professor KL Chopra has been recognized as one of the seven 'most highly cited' scientists of India during a period of over two decades till 2005. His talk on ‘Plasma processing of thin films and nanomaterials’ covered various techniques for the growth of thin films, its characterization and applications in computers and electronics engineering. The burning area of research ‘Plasmonics’ and its applications in various disciplines of engineering was elaborated in a simple manner, to a diversified audience. The talk was delivered on 8 December 2016, coordinated by Dr Payal Khurana, CLL.


Prof. Pushpesh Pant

Padma Shri

Professor Emeritus, SOL, NCU

Formerly Professor, JNU


Prof. Pushpesh Pant shared his views on the topic ‘Excellence in teaching and research: challenges and problems in contemporary India’. He observed that it can be shown empirically that there are certain individuals who are inspirational and institutions that cherish the legacy of nurturing talents and providing an atmosphere conducive to excellence. The lecture was conducted on 9 December 2016 and coordinated by Ms Pallavi Bajpai, School of Law.


Prof. AK Ghatak

SS Bhatnagar Awardee

Retd Prof., IIT Delhi


Prof. AK Ghatak  is an  Honorary Distinguished Research Professor, NCU. Professor Ghatak is arguably the father of modern research and education programmes in Photonics and Optics. He shared his expertise on ‘Importance of light’ which has fascinated mankind ever since he could see. He discussed about Einstein’s achievements and his five outstanding papers that he published. He gave guidelines on etiquette of writing presentation, mentioning the source, and giving due credit to the owner of the information. He also shared his personal experiences that inspired the faculty to become effective teachers so that students can take pride in being taught by them. The talk was delivered on 9 December 2016, coordinated by Ms Pallavi Bajpai, School of Law.



Prof. Swaran Ahuja

Head, Department of EECE,

Dean Academics, NCU


Prof. Swaran Ahuja shared his views regarding ‘Review and implementation of teaching learning processes at NCU-new guidelines’. He proposed a comprehensive review of curriculum aligned with the current and futuristic market requirements along with improvements in content, delivery etc. and suggested aligning the curriculum and content with the Strategic Plan of NCU. The FDP was organized on 10 Dec 2016 and coordinated by Dr Rekha Vij, Dept of EECE.



Prof. Ravindra Ojha

Director, School of Engineering and Technology

Head, Dept of Mechanical Engg

Prof Ojha delivered a session on‘ Employability Assessment Test for students – Co Cubes’. He informed the faculty members about the new initiative the University had taken to facilitate students’ employment readiness. This was being done by collaborating with CoCubes - India's leading assessment and hiring platform. The goal is to take a series of assessment tests to improve the success ratio in industry written exams, measurement of individual’s employability and gap analysis for improvement, review of the curriculum and the teaching-learning process to make them industry ready. The FDP was organized on 10 Dec 2016 and coordinated by Dr Rekha Vij, Dept of EECE.




Maj Gen AK Chaturvedi (Retd)


Director General, College of Engineering, Roorkee

Maj Gen A K Chaturvedi (Retd) presented a session on ‘Energy Security Of India’. He discussed about the challenges faced by India’s Energy Security and future scenario by 2040. He recommended the new initiatives of the Government like ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’ which will need additional energy for which an additional investment of US $ 28 trillion would be needed. He proposed new policy initiatives for conservation/ international cooperation and the need for an integrated approach to energy management through the Department of Energy. The FDP was organized on 10 Dec 2016 and coordinated by Dr Rekha Vij, Dept of EECE.

Post retirement Maj Gen AK Chaturvedi (Retd) has dedicated himself to the improvement in the domain of education. He is a prolific writer on strategic issues. He is actively involved with research at the Dept of Defence Studies, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya University, Gorakhpur.




Mr Sachin Jain

Independent consultant

In his talk on ‘Ethos of Management’ Mr Sachin Jain introduced the various techniques of Project Management. One simply needs to follow the Indian ethos or philosophy and follow simple time tested human traits that make one first a better human being as the rest will follow automatically. He stressed on the importance of acquiring traits such as forget & forgive vs anger;  simplicity & flexibility; passion & compassion; pursuance, patience, perseverance & positivity etc. The FDP was organized on 12 Dec 2016 and coordinated by Ms Jiveta Chaudhary, SOM.

Mr Sachin Jain has about 40 years of multifaceted experience in premier Petroleum industries in India and overseas. Mr Jain specialises in execution of Large & Mega Oil & Gas Projects from concept to commissioning within stipulated time and cost.


Prof. Karmeshu

Professor &Dean, School of Computer and Systems

Sciences, JNU

SS Bhatnagar Awardee

Prof. Karmeshu’s talk was on ‘Mathematical Modelling and its pervasiveness across disciplines’. He explained the importance of power-law distribution for mathematical modelling of various systems such as citation of scientific papers, web site hits, telephone calls, population of cities etc. He also focused on mathematical modelling of any kind of diffusion like new idea, news, new products or any new issue discussed on social platforms. Prof. Karmeshu showed how mathematical modelling is applicable to all areas of research whether it is engineering, science or social science. Mathematical models can be designed to view all aspects of the system in numeric form. The FDP was organized on 12 Dec 2016 and coordinated by Ms Jiveta Chaudhary, SOM.

Prior to joining JNU, Prof. Karmeshu was a visiting scientist at University of Stuttgart Germany, visiting Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo, Canada, and visiting Professor National University of Mexico, Mexico. He is a founding Professor at NIIT University Neemrana, Rajasthan and Distinguished Research Professor The NorthCap University, Gurugram.


Dr Vinnie Jauhari  

Director, Education Advocacy,

Microsoft Corporation India Ltd. 


Dr Vinnie Jauhari‘s lecture on ‘Technology leading to engaged experiences in learning’ gave an insight into the latest technologies coming our way including big data, cloud computing and cyber security. The need and relevance of these areas in teaching, research and industry and how these technologies have overshadowed everything were discussed. She also spoke about how Microsoft enables students and educators to organize and manage content in mobile, individual, and collaborative workspaces and share stories through modern interactive reports and presentations that are designed for the digital world, all available anytime, anywhere, on any device. The FDP was organized on 13 Dec 2016 and coordinated by Dr Kavita Khanna, Dept of CSE&IT.

Dr Vinnie Jauhari leads and manages strategic engagements in Higher Education and K-12 and also works on policy issues related with education. She has worked as Director and Professor, Strategy, IIMT( now Vedatya Institute), Gurgaon.


Dr Pramath Raj Sinha

Governing Body Member, NCU

Co-Founder and Managing Director,

9.9 Mediaworx Pvt Ltd


Dr Pramath Raj Sinha was Founding Dean, Indian School of Business (ISB) Hyderabad. He has been faculty at the University of Toronto for two years. Dr Pramath is Founder and Trustee of Ashoka University, Sonepat and Managing Director at 9.9 Media, Noida.

Dr Pramath delivered an insightful session on ‘Incorporating 21st century learning in classrooms’. He discussed the three main aspects of learning skills in present scenario i.e. inter-disciplinary learning approach, communication skills and team work. It is the obligation of teachers to equip students with abilities for multiple perspectives, inter-linkages, and to handle complex problems as in real life scenarios, they will never work in isolation. He said that Communication Skills are the most important skill to be acquired by students as it is the first interface one has with anyone. Such skills can be acquired through organizational behaviour, case studies, working in teams on real time projects etc. and only practice can inculcate these skills. The FDP was organized on 13 Dec 2016 and coordinated by Dr Kavita Khanna, Dept of CSE&IT.




Mr Avijit Das

Managing Director & CEO

Eveready (Pvt ) Ltd, South Africa

Mr Avijit Das delivered a talk on the topic’ Entrepreneurship and startups – some experiential facts’. He highlighted truths and myths associated with startups and shared typical traits of a budding entrepreneur that can take him/her to remarkable heights. He showed how startups are not about making big money quickly, name , fame, glamour but it is all about untiring efforts, hard work with getting immune to failures, humiliations and keeping ones ego trifling. His talk was informative and inspiring, aligned to those who are willing to contribute to the ‘Make in India’ initiative. The FDP was organized on 14 Dec 2016 and coordinated by Ms Shikha Kashyap, Dept of Mechanical Engg.

Mr Avijit Das is an entrepreneur with several business start-ups and turnarounds to his credit. He has been a leader in ‘management of change’ thinking and application.




Mr Krishnan Raman

Principal Consultant &

Master trainer, FranklinCovey

In the interactive session on the topic ‘Leading in the knowledge worker era’ Mr Krishnan was of the view that in today’s time we should inspire and not just motivate. Inspiration is an internal process enabling growth of an individual which is always inside out. Leaders need to leverage knowledge and enable people to release their potential rather than controlling them. Winning culture and making distinctive contribution is the key to driving successful projects. The FDP was organized on 14 Dec 2016 and coordinated by Ms Shikha Kashyap, Dept of Mechanical Engg.

Mr Krishnan Raman has more than 15 years of rich training experience in Microsoft, Genpact, Hewitt, IBM, HCL and others. Mr Raman is a Certified Master Trainer with FranklinCovey, specializing in Leadership, Trust, Execution, Management, Communication Skills and Productivity etc.