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Teacher’s Day Celebrated at the University

Enthusiasm and festivity marked the Teacher's Day Celebrations in the University on 5 September 2017. The University paid homage to Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan and remembered his contributions to the society. The celebrations started with a welcome address by Dr Payal Khurana. The Pro-Chancellor, Prof. Prem Vrat lauding the teaching fraternity for having chosen this noble profession mentioned that he himself had been in the teaching profession continuously for the last 50 years.

Prof. Prem Vrat said that the values that a good teacher should have are passion, compassion, the ability to inspire people and transform them to be outstanding citizens. He exhorted all teachers to inculcate the values as envisaged in the teachings of Dr S Radhakrishnan and Swami Vivekanand.  Prof. Prem Vrat gave examples of great teachers such as Dronacharya, Chanakya, Einstein and the teachers of the famous ancient multidisciplinary university, the Nalanda University. “Academic brilliance, inspirational communication system and role model system are the qualities of a great teacher.  These are difficult to find but if a teacher has these qualities s/he will be able to bring change in society and save it from collapse”, he said.

Ms Jyotika Pruthi gave an amusing poetic rendition of a modern ‘Digital Teacher’ in comparison to a conventional teacher of yesteryears.  A special tribute was given to the NCU faculty by the students through poems and song recitals especially appreciated by Prof. Ravindra Ojha, Director, SOET.